How to Reinforce Positive Behavior in Your Children

Children are lovely creatures full of life and energy. They easily learn new things, and they do so fast. However, they learn both the good and bad behaviors that they pick up from people around. Training them to grow up with positive behavior hence becomes a daunting task. What are the ways parents can instill positive behaviors in their children? The following tips will assist you in reinforcing positive behavior in your children.

  • Reward them by giving them your positive attention: A common mistake made by most parents is ignoring the efforts of their child. Such attitude makes the child feel like their efforts are wasted. Although it is not an easy task creating time for them with a lot of things to do at home from fixing dinner to getting the laundries done. However, try to take just a minute to pay attention to your child. Admire their drawings, or review their assignments.
  • Praise their efforts in doing something positive instead of the result: Always commend their efforts in the process of completing a task rather than the results of the work. For instance, if a child makes a drawing of a tree, praise them with words like “you must have put in a lot of efforts in those branches” “Great work!” instead of going like “What a beautiful tree you have there.”
  • Reward them with what they like: You can help your children become more cultured by rewarding them with a gift. For instance, if they love playing baseball, you can decide to get them a nice baseball kit as a reward. Make sure that the gift you get them is in line with what they love. They will appreciate it more this way.
  • Gradually change the frequency at which you reward them: Studies have shown that gently stretching out the frequency that a child’s behavior is rewarded encourages such behavior in the child. For instance, if you reward your children once they do their laundry, change the reward to once every three times they do the laundry. With time you can further increase this to once every five times, then to eight and so on. They will soon get used to the behavior without getting rewarded for it.
  • Break goals into small tasks: Breaking larger tasks into smaller tasks and then rewarding the completion of the small tasks is a good way of encouraging good behavior. For instance, if you are trying to teach your kid how to dress. Most children find it difficult dressing by themselves. Begin by making them wear their underwear. Once they are perfect, move on to making them wear their pants and shirts. Reward and praise him with every successful task accomplished in achieving the primary goal of taking responsibility for his/her dressing.

Reinforcing positive behavior in your children might first seem like a herculean task. However, following the above tips religiously will improve positive behaviors in your children. On a final note, understand that there I no child that cannot be of good behavior.
Photo credit: Lasvegas