How to Recover from an Abusive Relationship

m7Recovering from an abusive relationship is usually not an easy task. Perhaps, this is due to the emotional, physical, mental and psychological imbalance that you may be currently passing through. Sometimes, you may continue to remember some of the hurtful statements made by your partner. The assaults, injuries and pains from your past relationship may continue to haunt you, too. Yes, it is a painful experience. But this inexplicable pains will not stop until you decide to find a solution to your problem.

In this article, we will give you the tips about how to recover from an abusive relationship. All what you need to do is to implement them. But before we do that, let’s quickly tell you more about abusive relationship. Read on.

An abusive relationship comes in different forms. It might involve, physical, sexual or emotional abuse. With physical abuse, partners tend to hit the other partners at the slightest provocations. This leads to different degrees of pains and injuries. When it comes to sexual assaults, the abusive partners may maltreat their victims in quite a lot of ways. They could rape, pummel, molest, or abuse their partners. Emotionally, the abused faces different stages of humiliation and fear from their abuser. This is done so as to be able to easily manipulate the abused.

A staggering number of cases of continued abuse is fueled by lack of self-esteem on the part of the abused. By not questioning the actions of your abuser, you are indirectly asking them to continue. By not standing up to your tormentor, you are saying “Ride on, I love this.” While this is not a “blame-the-victim” game, it is important that everybody learns how and when to say “this should stop!”

Leaving an abusive relationship might seem quite a tough decision to make. Statistics has shown many abused persons often end up committing suicide, especially when they are unable to get quick help. So, if you are among those in an abusive relationship, kindly read and implement the below tips. Doing so will help you in a lot of tremendous ways.

  • Acknowledge Your Experiences: After coming out of a severely abusive relationship, the abused often conceal their experiences. It does you no good to hide your bitter experiences. Acknowledge that you are not happy with the relationship. Tell your loved ones about your challenges. If you can’t tell them, meet a psychologists or a therapist for professional help. Doing so will help you recover quickly.
  • Identify Why You Entered Such a Relationship: To be able to avoid making such huge errors again, endeavor to ask why you entered such a relationship. Make a mental note of what spurred you to stay in that relationship and write them in a piece of paper so that you won’t forget them.
  • Quit the Relationship: This seems to be the hardest part. Yes, you love your spouse. But does this person love you? Or ask yourself, “If my partner loves me, then why would he/she maltreats me” Another question you should ask yourself is, “Am I happy in this relationship?” If your answer is NO, then it is better to quit the relationship. Life is too short. You deserve to be happy. In fact, there are many good people out there who loves your personality. So, if you are not happy with the relationship. In three words, QUIT THE RELATIONSHIP.
  • Seek Professional Help: We have already said this before. But let’s expound on this. The benefit of seeking for professional help is numerous. These professionals have cognate experience in different forms of abusive relationship. Besides, most of them are compassionate, caring, nice, and knowledgeable. So, contact them for help, share your bitter experiences with them, and confide in them by telling them your challenges. If you do that, you are on the right track of recovering from the abusive relationship.
  • Build Your Self-Esteem and Confidence: As mentioned earlier, lack of self-esteem can be attributed to being one of the reasons for continued violence in a relationship. Once you know this, it is time to build your self-esteem and improve your confidence level. Once a potential abuser sees a confident person, they become insecure and flee from you.
  • Find Something That Interests You: Weeks or even months after leaving an abusive relationship, you may still find yourself craving to go back. You just can’t understand what is wrong with you. You just feel you might be “safer” and better with your abusive partner than being alone. Yes, it is normal. Acknowledge the feeling. To overcome these thoughts, try to find something else to do that interests you. Try to be super busy. You might go for a vacation, or you may decide to write a book, or visit some friends. Just do anything you love doing to keep yourself busy.
  • Cut of Communication lines: Preferably, it is always better not to have anything to do with your abuser any longer. Dispose any object that reminds you of them. Delete the contact details, pictures, text and everything that could make you remember the cruel partner. But if you have kids with this person, you may need to communicate with them occasionally just for the sake of your children.
  • Be Ready to Love again: After an abusive relationship, you might not want to go into any relationship again, in part because of your bitter experiences. Don’t worry, with time, those pains will become history if you follow the above tips. Besides, believe that you will find the right person who will love you sincerely without maltreating or molesting you. In sum, endeavor to love again but be careful with your heart.

Conclusion: It is not always easy to recover from an abusive relationship, but we must be ready to overcome this bitter experiences. We must be ready to acknowledge our abusive relationships, tell our loved ones about our challenges, seek for professional help, and build our self-esteem. If we can follow the above steps dispassionately, we will never be abused in any relationship again.

Photo Credit: Blogher