How to Prevent a Chronic Disease

dis-3Chronic diseases are not curable. People living with a chronic health condition usually develop strategies that would help them stay alive. They take a lot of precautions so as not to succumb to the terrifying effect of the disease. The fact is that no matter what they do, the condition will still be there. For a very healthy individual without a history of a chronic disease, it is wise to know what to do in order not to develop any of such disease. Everyone understands the importance of sound health. Being unhealthy will leave you incapacitated and vulnerable. When you are unwell, almost all the areas of your life is affected. A sick person is usually emotionally down and mentally drained. The sick individual will be physically weak and also, a lot of strain will be on the person’s finances. Nothing beats sound health.

If you are healthy right now, your primary objective is to do all within your power to remain in this state. Cherish the sound health you have and, do not undergo any process that will subject you to a chronic ailment. It is possible to prevent oneself from having a chronic disease except if it is one that is inherited. Chronic illness does not just happen; a lot of them have a cause. The fact they have triggers makes it easy to prevent being a victim of one of them. There are a lot of steps to take to avoid chronic illnesses. We will discuss some of them below:

Healthy Eating: Food is good. It is meant to give nutrients to the body. However, no every available type of food is good for everyday consumption. When you eat healthily, you nourish every vital part of the body. This lifestyle builds your immune system and, you are less prone to diseases. It’s fine to like food, but it is better to like the best kind on it. Don’t just put anything edible in your mouth. Always weigh the effect of the food you want to eat on your health. Eating more of fruits and vegetables is good. They digest quickly and full of vitamins that will do good to your body. Also, reduce the quantity of your food per time. Practice moderation.

Exercise Regularly: Your body is not designed to be inactive. Every part of your body needs some form of physical activity to remain active. To reduce your risk of having a chronic disease, involve in regular exercise. The regular workout is good for your brain, heart, muscles, bones and some other important organs in your body. Get your body moving. Walk instead of driving. Climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Do not let electronic inventions carry out all your work for you. Laziness is not good for your well-being. Even cooking and dancing are forms of exercise. Every little thing you need to do, do them yourself. By so doing, you will enhance your health.

Take Less Caffeine: Caffeine can be good. But when you drink it excessively, it is harmful to the body. Frequent intake becomes an addiction. The excess caffeine in the body can lead to tremor, insomnia, increased heart rates and much more. All of these effects are stepping stones for chronic illnesses.

Reduce Your Weight: Obesity can lead to a lot of chronic diseases. Obese individuals are not healthy and are exposing themselves to diseases. If you are overweight now, take necessary measure to reduce your weight and attain your standard body-mass index. Healthy eating and regular exercise will be helpful in achieving this goal.

Monitor Your Blood Pressure: This is a very necessary practice for everyone. Regulating your blood pressure reduces your chance of getting high blood pressure. You can purchase a personal blood pressure monitor. If you watch your blood pressure, you will be quick to seek medical intervention whenever you notice a spike. It is good for you to keep your blood pressure low. When it’s too high, it leads to loss of life. Be observant!

Reduce Exposure to Harmful Chemicals: There are so many chemicals that humans should not inhale or touch. In a situation where you work with volatile chemical, put on your protective gears. You should include a face mask also to prevent inhalation.

Avoid Carcinogens: Carcinogens are cancer causing agents. Cancer is a very common chronic disease. It is not easily managed, and its presence can drain your finances. Do all you can to avoid being exposed to carcinogens.

Stay Away from Smoking and Drinking Alcohols: Smoking and drinking are bad habits. When you are in the act, it is pleasurable. However, their contents are damaging your internal organs. Smoking gives rise to lung diseases while drinking is an underlying cause of liver disease. If you need pleasure, find it in other ways. Make staying alive your priority.

Task Your Brain: Allow your brain to be active. Do things you have not done before, let your brain do a little more reasoning. Do not stay inactive. Regularly put all your five-primary sense organ to work.

Go for Routine Checkups: It is important for you to go for medical check up. A mild illness, if detected early will be cured easily. In as much as it is not detected, it can result in chronic diseases. Get checked you always

Be Happy: Learn to stay happy always. When you are happy, you will be able to manage stressful situations. You will be in charge of your body. Being happy relieves you of stress. Happiness is a natural antidote to staying healthy.


Bottom Line

Your health is your wealth. Staying healthy makes you concentrate on other areas of your life. You have to make a conscious decision about your health now. Stop engaging yourself in unhealthy activities. Some people practiced all these and still succumbed to the chronic disease. So, if you are still healthy, celebrate yourself and do all that is possible to remain that way. Help yourself to stay truly alive. All in all, take full responsibility for your health today.

Photo Credit: Urgentcarelocations