How to Overcome Recurring Nightmares

It is amazing to know that recurring nightmares are real and still happening today. These nightmares are usually frequent and occur in regular patterns. According to research conducted in 1996 in the United States, about 60 to 75% of adults have recurrent dreams. These nightmares are associated with problems like depression, anxiety and hallucinations. For example, Scott tried sleeping peacefully but to no avail. He kept having repeated nightmares that were distressing. He would sometimes dream that someone was attempting to drown him in a big ocean. While having these nightmares, he would get out of bed and run as if he was being chased like a thief. Scott knew he needed help out of this dreadful situation. As did Scott, if you find yourself in this same predicament, here are some ways to overcome recurring nightmares.

  • Know the source of your nightmares: If you can identify where these repeated dreams come from, you should be able to overcome them. Nightmares could be as a result of a horror movie you watched or a heated argument you had with a loved one. It could also be because of stress at work.
  • Improve your lifestyle: Often times, nightmares re -occur because of certain things that you do which affects your sleep. Eating very late at night, taking alcohol and caffeine can interfere with your sleep. Some of the things that make you have repeated nightmares are stress, trauma, life issues and emotional problems. All these are related to your daily activities which replay in the mind when you sleep. Work on your bad habits and ensure you have a good lifestyle by doing away with drinking, smoking and not snacking on foods that have high sugar content. This will reduce the way your mind is controlled by nightmares.
  • Have a good sleep routine: Sometimes the way you sleep could make you have repeated nightmares. When you deprive yourself of sleep by sleeping at odd hours of the night, this could disrupt your sleep pattern. Also ensure your bedroom is comfortable and free from all sorts of noise. This will facilitate having a good night sleep.
  • Try therapy for image rehearsal: This allows you recall the nightmares you had and giving it a pleasant ending in your mind while awake. If you can rehearse playing the new version of your nightmares in your mind, it will change the course of your recurring nightmares when you eventually fall asleep.
  • Think happy thoughts: Before going to bed, think positive thoughts because when you have negative thoughts, they could affect the dreams you have. Do things that will make you happy and relaxed by listening to music, having a warm bath and playing games so your mind is relaxed before sleeping. Since nightmares occur in the mind, these happy thoughts will have a soothing effect on your mind thereby preventing occurrence of nightmares.
  • Be mindful of medications you use: Certain medications you use could make you have repeated nightmares. Some examples are cholinesterase inhibitors, statins and glucosamine. These drugs have side effects and could make you have strange and scary dreams. It is therefore advisable to avoid taking these drugs that trigger nightmares.
  • See a psychologist: Seeing a psychologist can help limit the recurring nightmares you have. Your psychologist can offer alternate solutions and remedy to your sleep issues by prescribing other treatments you have not tried which might just work for you.

Bottom Line

Recurring nightmares normally have a debilitating effect on those who experience it which is not pleasant. If you desire to have a good sound sleep that is free from nightmares, be sure to adhere to these tips and you will be just fine.

Photo Credit: io9