How to Help People with Memory Loss

Alex used to be a very active employee of the bank of America and never had any problem in executing the task assigned to him by his supervisor in the bank. However, recently his supervisor has been complaining about his poor and dwindling performance in the execution of his schedule in the office. Faced with the likelihood of losing his job and with a family of three to take care of, Alex visited his doctor to seek medical help. After a series of medical examination had been conducted on him, he was diagnosed with memory loss and placed under medication.

Just like Alex, a lot of people suffering from memory loss need help. To assist such individuals, below are some helpful tips you can use to take care of individuals suffering from memory loss like Alex.

  • Be kind to them: People with memory loss problems sometimes ask questions that could sound stupid like what is your name or who are you? This can be very annoying knowing full well that you have been together for years. The temptation is always there to want to be harsh on the person, but it is better to be friendly with the victim and answer the person kindly and politely taken into account the health condition of the patient. Doing so will make the individual feel loved.
  • Provide suggestions to them: If you know that the memory capacity of the person is not entirely functional, it will be more helpful to suggest things to them instead of asking them questions. Rather than asking “what would you want to eat,” suggest to the person by asking “would you love to take coffee?” Doing this will help the person accept or decline your offer. If the reply is positive, you can prepare coffee. If not, you can suggest something else.
  • Write and paste important notes at strategic places at home: Another great way to be of help to them is by writing important reminders like names of family members and important things that are easily needed by the person on cardboard papers. After that, you can paste them at strategic locations within the home where the person can easily see them. Such gesture will help the individual remember these things and names by seeing them always.
  • View recorded videos of family events with them: This is another good way of helping them regain their memory gradually. Show them videos of past events and tell them the names of the family members in the videos. Also, never hide anything from them about their past. Doing so will speed up their recuperation process.

Bottom Line

In as much as memory loss is a sad and painful experience, it is not the end of the world. People having such problems can be helped by friends and relations to regain their lost memory gradually. You can do this by learning and adopting some useful tips. We have given you tips we think can be effectively used to achieve the objective.

Photo Credit: Healthhub