How to Help Others Overcome Job Loss

Getting a job means different things to different people. To some, their job is their passion. To others, it is a way of making ends meet. The third group of people works because they need something to kick them out of bed every morning. Because of this, no one wants to lose their job.  But whether we like it or not, a loved one will be fired someday. If you have someone around you who have just lost a job, the individual would need your help. And when such unfortunate situation happens, here is how to help them overcome the loss:

  • Acknowledge their loss: When you see someone who just lost a job, don’t pretend as if you didn’t know. We know that it is normal for you to be at a loss for the right words to say. Maintain your composure and say something empathetic. You can start by saying, “I learnt that you lost your job; I am sorry about it. Let me know what I can do to help.” Saying something like this would ease the person out of the shame he or she felt at the sight of you. The individual would be able to talk to you about the situation without feeling like a burden.
  • Allow them to express their feeling: People going through job loss have several thoughts going on in their minds. They want to rant, argue, grief, cry, and laugh. Don’t tell them to remain strong and keep calm. Allow them to express exactly the way they feel. Listen to their rants and displeasure without making any comments. Help the individual and allow him or her to cry on your shoulder. Also, allow them to cry freely until such person is satisfied. Keeping your opinion to yourself will help them, too. In other words, speak and give advice only when you are asked.
  • Help them search for a new job: It is no news that the person who just lost a job would need another job offer. Help such individual to overcome the loss by searching for a new job for him or her. Ask your friends and colleagues about the information on job openings that they know. Check on the internet and place cold calls to potential organizations on behalf of such individual. Also, let the person who lost the job know about the search you are conducting on his or her behalf. Sharing your efforts will let the person know the extent of your concern. It will also make the individual get out of self-pity and start making positive efforts to get a new job.
  • Stay connected with them: Don’t cut someone out of your life because the person does not have a job again. Stay close and connected. Chat with them on social media if you stay far apart. Include them in social gatherings if you are in the same location. Or invite them over for the weekend for a chitchat. And if you can do that, you can interact with them on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and other networking sites.

Bottom Line
Losing a job brings out a lot of negative reaction in individuals. Do your best to help someone overcome job loss. There are times that you would feel unappreciated. It is because the person is still hurting from the loss. Stay close so as to keep such person out of imminent depression.
Photo Credit: Jobbtoday