How to Get the Best Out of a Shy Partner

Having a shy partner can be a little bit tasking. It can be likened to a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. Going from kissing to arguments, from great dates to disappointing ones, things tend to get a bit awkward with a shy partner. However, there are a few ways that you can make them get more comfortable around you. Read on to learn how to help your shy partners come out of their shell.

  • Slowly get touchy: Never expect a shy partner to get all touchy with you on your first few dates. You should also always endeavor to make the first move. You have to take charge and make them feel more comfortable around you. You can start by holding their hands when you are out on a date. You can also wrap your arms around them when you are chilling in a park. Continue to do this until they get more comfortable around you.
  • Have long and reasonable conversation: There is a common misconception about people who are shy not talking much. This is actually not totally true. They are actually great conversationalists when they are around people they are comfortable with. Get them to open up to you by engaging them in long and meaningful conversations. Talk about things that they are passionate about, and watch their shyness around you disappear over time.
  • Never bring up your partner’s shyness: If your partner is actually shy, they are most likely already aware of that. You do not need to constantly remind them this. Always have this in mind and avoid making fun of their shyness. They will feel humiliated. Their self-confidence will also drop further if you constantly remind them this.
  • Take them on quiet romantic dates: It is very unlikely that a shy partner will love to go to loud arenas such as parties. They rather prefer quite zones like a quirky restaurant or a cozy café. Try to be romantic and understand this side of your shy partner. You don’t need to take them on a fancy date. Just cuddling and watching movies on your sofa will be better than them to a flashy pub.
  • Enroll for dance classes: A good way for people to loosen up is through dancing. You can take advantage of this by enrolling for dance classes with your partner. Sign up for the classes as a couple. It brings you much closer as a couple.
  • Don’t ask them to change: Telling your partner that they need to change their personality seems like a great way to change them. But doing so will rather do more harm than good. It will totally destroy their self-confidence and make them feel devastated.

Being in a relationship with a shy partner might seem boring in the beginning. However, once they get more comfortable around you, you will enjoy every second of your relationship. Getting them to be more comfortable around you is the key.
Photo Credit: Vitalpartners