How to Find Cancer Support Groups Online

picture-18Cancer is one disease that is dreaded. Since you are reading this, you probably know what we mean. The detection of cancerous cells in your body or that of your loved one changes your lives forever. It does not matter if you just received a diagnosis or you have been fighting the disease for quite some time. You still need a support group.

Cancer support groups are the community of persons living with cancer.The individuals in a cancer support group rely on one another to pull through the different stages of cancer. They also depend on each other for emotional support. In a cancer support group, lots of priceless information are shared. There, you will learn different coping strategies, best treatment plans,  and of course, you will make new friends. The feeling that you are not alone is part of the package you get for being a part of a group.

There are different types of support groups for cancer. We have the local group and the online community. The local cancer support groups are the ones within your community. It comprises of the people you see almost every day. The online support group is internet-based. In this group, you have people fighting cancer from different countries in one place. If you are someone that cherishes your privacy and would like to remain anonymous, then the online community is the place for you.

The next question is probably the one that brought you here. How do you find a support group online? There are various support groups online for different life challenge. Finding one that is solely for cancer can be hard if you do not know how to go about it. If you start your search and nothing turns up, you may retract your decision to join a support group. It is important to us that you get an online support group quickly. This importance is what gave us the inspiration to let you know how you can find cancer support groups online.  Here are ways through which you can carry out your search for an online cancer support group:

Google Search: For most people on the Internet, the only search engine they know is “Google.” So for you, we would say start the search for online cancer support group on Google. To get the best results, you have to input the keywords. Examples of some are “cancer,” “support,” and “groups.” If you do this, you will have a lot of suggestions pop up. Take your time to go through each of the options. If you are not satisfied with your findings, you can try our other suggestions.

Visit Websites of NGOs: Some non-governmental organizations give support to people living with cancer. Almost all of these NGOs have websites. Since they understand the importance of a cancer patient joining a support group, they usually post links to support groups on their sites. You should be able to find a useful one.

Check Web Pages of Hospitals: There are lots of hospitals in the US that major in cancer research and treatments. Such hospital is a relief to cancer patients. Facilities like this do have records of successful treatment of cancer. On the web pages of these institutions, you would find various online support groups you can contact.

Cancer Inspired Blog Pages: A lot of cancer survivors have blogs where they share their cancer experience. They share their struggles, pain, and victory. Some of these blogs are a form of online support groups already. They have several people who visit the blog to share their personal experiences. A lot of forums like that has turned into a family house for those living with cancer. You can be a part of them also.

Online Cancer Education Classes: On the internet, you will find online classes for cancer patients. On pages like this, different topics are treated on a daily or weekly basis. Cancer education classes have a lot of people who visit the pages to know about their condition. Some individuals just want to learn about the health of their loved one.  Visit such online classes. You will be amazed at the information you will gather about the online cancer support group you desire to join.

Social Media Search Option: Your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages may just be where your search will yield. Click the search option on any of these social media pages. Input the keywords we mentioned earlier. You will have a lot of suggested groups. On Facebook, for example, some of these groups are closed groups. You will have to send a request that you want to be a member, and you will be added to that particular cancer support group.

Through Your Friends On Social Media: You probably have thousands of people on your social media pages that you can leverage on to get the information you need. A lot of these people might be going through the cancer experience, or they may have a loved one who survived cancer. You will never know until you ask. You can send a direct message to their inbox, or you can share a general post. Whichever way you use in asking your friends about online cancer support groups they know is not what is important. The important part is the amount of information that we are sure you will gather from them. Remember, they will never know you need the information if you don’t ask them.

Bottom Line

Any support group you choose will be helpful. You should not doubt your decision to find an online support group. If you join one of these cancer support groups online, your battle with cancer will be less lonely. With this online family, you will receive strength. As a member, you will have a new family, bonded by the fight for survival. Why are you still waiting? Put all you have read here to test. We assure you of locating the right online cancer support group soon.

Source: Saintjosephchurch