How to Change a Habit

Have you ever wondered why you do the things you do even when you know they are wrong? Well, that boils down to those creepy habits your body and mind have gotten used to. We all have them, those dirty habits that just wouldn’t go away no matter how hard we try.  Whether it’s the fact that you spends tons of hours on social media, or perhaps you smoke a little too much, habits don’t just appear from the blue; they become automatic because they have been performed times and times again. So how do you deal with a habit that is proving too difficult to break? Not to worry as we have just the right formula that should help you overcome these demons. Here are a few tips that have proven helpful:

  • Tackle one habit at a time: let’s be blunt with you, trying to change all your habits at a go is setting yourself up for failure because you will never change a habit that way. It’s paramount that you tackle one habit at a time, that’s if you suffer from multiple habits. Consequently, if you must overcome your demons, you must ensure that you focus on one habit at a time. This is the formula that has proven quite effective; it is your best shot at success.
  • Start small: If you must overcome those habits that have become embarrassing to deal with, you must endeavor to start small. Take it one step at a time; the smaller, the better. Want to quit alcohol? We say, cut down the number of bottles you take daily. Want to give up smoking? Your best bet is to reduce the number of sticks you smoke daily. It may look daunting, but we guarantee that with time, you should see a significant change in habit.
  • Embark on a 30-day Challenge: The internet today is replete with a lot of self-claimed strategies that can be used to overcome a habit that has become a nightmare. We are sure you may have read about the magical 21 days change plan, but then, this plan remains much of a mystery as there is no proven evidence to back that claim. However, a more recent research proves that a 66-day challenge is potent enough to break any habit. Nonetheless, a 30-day challenge is a good place to start if a 66-day challenge sounds too daunting.
  • Write it down: The secret to following through with your commitment to breaking a habit is the extra effort you make at writing it down. Saying you want to quit a habit is not sufficient enough. We suggest you go the extra mile by writing the habit you want to do away with on paper; this would help you follow through with your decision to change.
  • Draft a plan: This is a sequel to the previous tip. In addition to writing down the habits you want to break, you should draft a blueprint that would help you succeed at changing those habit you are fed up with. Your plan can include things that motivate you to want to change a habit as well friends, support groups, and other things that would help you achieve success.


There is no quick fix strategy to breaking a habit; your chance at success is dependent on your ability to follow through with the above tips. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Photo Credit: Globaltraining