How the Community Affects Its Residents

as-4Who are we in our society? How does our community affect us? If these questions have been on your mind for a long time and you have been seeking answers, you will get some in a minute. However, let us tell you some conscious truths so you would be aware of them. Our community speaks volumes about who we are. Our community is evidence that we belong to a sect of people in the world.

Are you aware that your community affects you more than you know? If you care to know more, kindly read further. The role of the society in our lives is both helpful and harmful. We have seen a lot of people that have benefited from their community, and they are living an excellent life. We have also seen people whose society has destroyed their lives and made them even worse that they are. Needless to say, your community has a great impact on you. The community can sometimes determine how you will turn out.

If you are still reading this article, we will show you how the community affects you as a resident. We know you are anxious to know the positive ways, but we will keep you wondering. Below are some ways the community affects you negatively:

Social ills Develop: Based on the number of people that are in prisons now, we think it is safe to say the community has a negative impact on us. In our society, we encounter people from different countries. There are seven continents in this world. Imagine how many people are on the earth. Most of them have different ideas on how to a resolve societal conflict. Some people resort to violence. If you encounter people like this in your community, you might absorb the wrong things. You, as a resident, could learn all sorts of illegal vices that can land you in trouble. What is the source? The community.

Peer Pressure: Right from elementary school to college, we feel pressure. We feel the need to conform to somebody’s idea of what is right. The sad truth is a majority of us do it so we can fit in. We know some actions are wrong, yet, we refuse to do the right thing. As a resident of your community, you might come across some people that make you want to do the wrong thing. You might even end up doing the wrong thing. Again, what is the source of this wrongdoing? The community. It is in the town you encounter the pressure.

Crime Rates Increase: When social vices become more rampant, crimes rates are bound to increase. The effect is that residents live in fear. If you have lived in a community where crimes happen almost every day, you understand what we are saying. The fear of criminality can negatively impact resident’s behavior. People can decide to stop business, decrease involvement in community activities, and become secluded. The effect of this is that the economic state of your society will be affected. Once this is affected, every other thing that was working well in the community suffers a decline.

Nasty Behavior: Every city is expected to make sure its people have water, electricity, and shelter. In essence, we mean basic amenities. The society is also supposed to have good policies and laws. Everybody should abide by these rules. However, in instances where your community does not provide this, what will the citizens do? They will riot because it is their right to be furnished with essential amenities. Rioting brings out the worst in every person. We doubt if you have ever seen a quiet riot. We certainly haven’t.

We hope these points have shown to you your community affects you negatively, more than you know. Hey, hold it there. Your community is not entirely terrible. It can also affect you positively. Here are some ways the community affects its resident positively:

Empowerment of Youths: We are sure you have heard it said before that the youths are the backbone of the community. They are the ones that will carry on the legacy of the leaders presently ruling. Every community recognizes this. That is why they are actively involved in making sure the young individuals are empowered. The leaders in the community can organize activities which aim at helping young people discover their talent. They can also have a skills acquisition program.

Social Skills: We come across many individuals every day. Sometimes we need to leave our community and forage into new destinations. One of the keys to being successful in a new place is to have good social skills. The community you live helps you build good communication and social skills. You become so confident that you can talk to anybody. You can impact people because of the foundation you have had in your community.

Lifelong Friendships: Many of us have at least one friend in the community. You doubt this? Just pause for a moment and think about the people you know in your community. There will be that one person you can trust. That one person you can call a friend. We don’t just form lifelong friendships in colleges and fraternities. They are also born in the communities we live or the city we grew up.

Bottom Line

We hope you had the patience to read this article from the beginning to the end. If not, read it again and let the points sink into your system. Yes, the society affects its residents negatively. The negative scale outweighs the positive scale. If you think about it, there is no community without its challenges. Actions affecting residents negatively is a problem we can tackle. However, before your society works on it, we need you to know something. You have a choice. You have always had a choice in how you react to actions in your community. Today, we implore you to choose right. Focus on the beautiful advantages of your society. Others will follow suit. You have the ability to change the course of your community with your choice. Once again, make your choice with caution!

Photo Credit: Canstockphoto