How Students Can Overcome Exam Anxiety

Ever since John has been admitted into college, his life has been filled with one thing: exam anxiety. There are many reasons for this. One is that his days are always fraught with too many assignments. To make matters worse, he does not have any friends who can explain some of the topics taught in class to him. Another cause for this exam anxiety is that John loves to attend night parties. Sleeping late is among the contributory factors that make John to miss some of his lectures during the day.

If you are also in the same shoes with John, then this article is particularly dedicated to you. And here are some reliable ways you can overcome exam anxiety in school:

  • Listen attentively in class: Attending lectures and staying focused is the first approach towards overcoming exams anxiety. Get a strategic place to sit in class where you would be able to hear you lecturer clearly. If your friends are the playful type, don’t sit with them to avoid any distractions. Also, avoid jotting down too many notes when your tutor is teaching in class so that you can listen attentively to your teacher’s explanation.
  • Study often before exam approaches: Several students like John don’t have time to study ahead of exams. They engage in cramming their notes when they have just a few hours to write the examination. This type of practice will only increase exam anxiety, so try to always study gradually before exam approaches. And if you wait till you have a full notebook of sixty pages to read within a week, you would find yourself under unnecessary pressure. Studying as much as you can right from the beginning of a semester reduces exam anxiety.
  • Identify and avoid your anxiety triggers: Some people listen attentively in class. They study dedicatedly before their exams. But somehow, they still develop chronic examination anxiety. If you fall into this category, you need to identify the stress triggers. The reason why you feel nervous during exam may be because you study with group of people that you think are better than you. It might also be because you could not attempt some past questions you tried your hands on even after you have studied well. If a common study practice does not work for you, don’t force it. Identify and apply examination preparation techniques that keep you calm before and during examinations.
  • Be physically active: Some of the ways by which you can remain active physically is by walking, running or dancing as often as you can. These activities relieve you of the stress hormones. Do things that are fun after studying without feeling guilty. A relaxed state of mind keeps examination anxiety at bay.
  • Invest in quality sleep: Students are known for losing quality sleep because of the various activities they involve in. You need at least eight hours of quality sleep daily. Your sleeping hours during the period of examination should not be less than six hours daily. Quality sleep keeps you focused and energetic.

Bottom Line

Examination anxiety can easily cause your grade to drop drastically. Make the above steps a habit so as to be free from exam anxiety. If you try all these tips and there is no improvement, you should consult a psychologist. You deserve straight A’s in your academics, don’t settle for less.

Photo Credit: Lifehacker