How “Smart Clothes” Can Be Used to Help Medical Patients

Have you heard about smart clothes before? If you have not, smart clothes are pieces of clothing that monitors the health condition of the wearer. There are many types of smart clothes such as T-shirts, under vests, bikinis, Bra and much more. Regardless of the nature of the smart clothes, they are all made from conductive yarns. These yarns, which are woven into fabrics, function like sensors. The functions of the sensors in these smart clothes are numerous in the medical field. Some of them include the following:

  • Detection of sequelae illnesses: Smart clothes are designed as sequela disease detectors. In other words, once a patient wears the smart cloth, any disease or condition which is caused by an earlier disease or problem would be easily detected. For example, if a patient undergoing treatment for diarrhea becomes suddenly dehydrated, the smart cloth would recognize it immediately and send the signals to the doctors. The ability to detect sequelae quickly would let physicians know whether a patient is responding to administered medication or not.
  • Monitoring of heart rate: Smart clothes are a good invention for pregnant women. Monitoring the baby’s heart rate simultaneously with the mother’s all through pregnancy without the need for the mother to stay in the hospital would decrease the sudden loss of fetuses. And of course, it would reduce number of stillbirths. Furthermore, some patients are at risk of sudden low heart rate which can rapidly lead to heart failure. But with the help of smart clothes, any slight change in the heart rate would be detected.
  • Drug administration: Accurately timing the use of medication has direct correlation to the efficacy of the drug. So it is important that patients adhere to the stipulated drug administration schedule. And truth be told, patients often forget to take their pills at the appropriate time. The invention of smart clothes is a timely solution to this challenge. As long as you have the clothes on, your drug administration schedule can be correctly adhered without you missing a pill.
  • Regulating the effect of drugs: Smart clothes are great for monitoring the effects of medications. Once you swallow your drug, the smart cloth would start to track the changes in your body. It communicates both the positive and adverse effects of the medication on you. The smart clothes would send signal of the improvement in your health as a result of the medication. As for individuals who are reactive to a particular drug, smart clothes would easily relay the information to the physician before any damage is done.

Bottom Line

Smart clothes are a welcome development based on the numerous ease they have brought to the medical field. However, even with the ever reliable smart clothe, it is important for patients to keep to doctor’s appointments and comply with their pieces of advice.

Photo Credit: Digitaltrends