How Harmful Is Deforestation?

Deforestation is the massive clearing of trees in the forest. It is a way by which lands in the woods are converted to serve personal or business purposes. Some of the trees that are cut down serve as fuel. In other cases, farmers use the forest lands for growing crops or turn them into urban settlements.
So, how harmful is deforestation? This is a question that has been asked by many people in the public space. Some individual think cutting down trees without planting new ones is not as bad as our farmers and scientist make us want to believe. On the other end of the spectrum, a number of people agree that deforestation is very harmful to our ecosystem. Regardless of what you think, below are some harmful effects of deforestation:

  • Climate change: Deforestation plays a significant role in changing the climate. The trees in the forest are part of the cycle that balances the existence of life. They are meant to use up the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But when there are not enough trees for this purpose, the excess carbon dioxide will be trapped in the air. This is the leading cause of global warming, harsh temperatures, and changes in climate seasons. In other words, cutting down trees without planting new ones have adverse effects on the climate, which in turn have adverse effects on the yield of farm produce.
  • Bio-extinction: Forests are natural habitats for the wild animals and most exotic species. When deforestation happens in a particular habitat, it exposes the animals there to harsh environmental conditions. In some cases, the animals are exposed to predators. As such, the defenseless animals are easy prey for hunters and other predators. There are situations where a habitat that is the home of a particularly rare species is invaded. It is possible that the animals there might not survive the exposure thereby leading to their extinction.
  • Natural disaster: Trees in the forest are instrumental in preventing natural disasters such as erosion and floods. For example, in the prevention of soil erosion, roots of trees serve as the binder that holds the soil firmly together. However, deforestation causes the soil to be exposed. And when torrential rains fall, it easily washes nutrients off the bare soil and leaves behind barren land. The empty area would no longer be suitable for agricultural purpose, and it is exposed to further hazards such as flooding.
  • Relocation of wild animals: This is another terrifying effect of deforestation. A lot of wild animals such as the Asian Elephant have been displaced from their natural habitats as a result of deforestation. Another example is black Bears that wandered into neighbourhoods in the central Florida sometimes ago. This development is a major challenge to the safety of humans, including you, if left unchecked.

In a Nut Shell
From the points stated above, it is safe to conclude that deforestation is really harmful to human existence. Individuals should join forces with farmers and scientists to put an end to deforestation. We are sure that by working together as a team, the balance in nature will soon be restored.
Photo Credit: 123RF