How Close Are Computers to Mimicking the Human Brains?

Science has given birth to many wonderful and innovative inventions. One of such is the invention of computers. Computers have made our lives very easy. We rely on computers to store information and to process information we would ordinarily battle with. The numerous uses of the computer cannot be overstated. It is in this light that many people have likened computers to the human brain. Some have even gone as far as to say these devices are close to mimicking the human brain. How right are these people? Let us examine some points that probably gives them the right to make such assumptions:

  • Both are used to store information: Do you know the capacity of the brain? The brain can store crucial and important information. The brain can even store information for years and keep it safe. The same function is also peculiar to computers. The only downside is that computers can store information based on the system memory, unlike the brain that has no limit in its capacity.
  • Both are used to process information and run tasks: When you want to move your arm from point A to B, it is the brain that is solely responsible for this action. All the arm does is to send a signal to the brain that it needs to move the arm. The brain is the one that authorizes such task. When you compare this to a computer, you will realize that it is also possible for the computers to process information. All the internal units are connected to each other one way or another. Thus, running tasks works just the same way the brain does.
  • Both play essential roles in the society: The function of the brain is to think quickly and as accurately as possible in any given situation and at any given time. Many intelligent people who are crucial in the society have their stand as a result of their brain. Computers are also very important in the society because, in one way or the other, we have come to rely on them a lot. We have washing machines to do our bidding. We have microwaves to do a lot of things. They are also equipped with the necessary ability to enable them to think fast and adequately.
  • Both consists of combining components: As you may know, the human brain is made up of many parts. There is the left and right brain. There are parts responsible for emotions, calculations, body movements, and so on. On the other hand, a computer is also made up of many parts including the motherboard, processor, disk drives, and so on. They have their roles in how a computer is set up.


Computers are dangerously close to mimicking the human brain. The truth is that there are too many similarities between the two now that it is suggested that they will soon become rivals. Of course, there are many things a computer cannot do that a brain can. Nevertheless, with the alarming rate science is evolving, there is every possibility computers will mimic the human brain perfectly in the future.

Photo Credit: Viewzone