Forgiving Others: A Better Therapy That Guarantees Happiness

Carl sat down and ruminated on the pain he had been feeling in his heart for some time. What he felt was not only disgusting but also heart-rendering. He had caught his girlfriend Daniella cheating on him in her street. He had also found out that she had been having an affair with her co-worker for about a year. He could not just fathom it. How was it possible that someone he had loved and cherished for years to engage in such a terrible act? Clenching the glass of wine he was holding, he resolved in his heart never to forgive her.  But that decision did nothing but to make him feel pained and sad.
You are not alone if you’ve once be betrayed like this in the past. Have you ever held on to anger for a long time? Perhaps you were hurt so bad, but you refused to forgive the person. Well, you have to understand that there is a therapy that is better than holding on to the grudge in your heart. The therapy is simply forgiving the person that hurt you. Here are some reasons why you should forgive others so you can be happier in the long run:

  • Lower blood pressure: Refusing to forgive people can increase your blood pressure. With time, it can lead to other complicated diseases. These complicated diseases include heart attack, stroke, hypertension, and much more. To avoid this, learn to forgive others to decrease your blood pressure. Doing so will also give you rest of mind.
  • Lower heart rate: In Carl’s story, did you notice the pains he felt in his chest? His heart was not relaxed because he was sad and carrying a grudge. If you refuse to let the anger go, it might lead to a heart attack. But when you forgive and let go, you are guaranteed of a moderate heartbeat and pulse rate.
  • Longer life span: Have you thought about the fact that holding grudges may be affecting your lifespan negatively? Research has shown that those who hold grudges live shorter lives than those that employ forgiveness as a therapeutic method to problems. If you want to live a long life, we advise forgiving others as quickly as possible.
  • Stronger emotional bond: Nobody is perfect, and everyone is prone to mistakes. Forgiving others shows that you value their friendship and companionship. It indicates that you understand that people are not perfect and that they are prone to mistakes. Forgiving others can help make old relationships bloom and can be a foundation for new relationships to blossom without grudges.
  • Fewer depression symptoms: Thinking about the cause of your anger can lead to depression. Heartbreaks, hateful words, and much more can lead to depression. However, if you decide to use forgiveness as a therapy, the symptoms will be pushed to the bay.

Of course, forgiving others is easier said than done. We admit that it is not an easy thing to do. But we just need to do it not only to make the other person feel good but also help ourselves feel better. So, we advise you to call the person that has offended you today and simply say “I know you really hurt me, but I have forgiven you.” Once you do that, you can move on with your life and be as happy as you want to be.
Photo Credit: Oprah