Five Unique Questions to Ask Before Dating

So, you are finally ready to wade into the murky waters of dating. In spite of your excitement, there is still a bit of apprehension on what you might encounter in the course of your journey. You are not alone, as many who started their voyage earlier have also felt the same way.
Every year, millions of young people dive head first into the dating pool and sustain lifelong heartaches as a result. To prevent you from being among the statistics, we offer in this article these five questions to ask before dating:

  • What are your value systems? Most relationships end up on the rocks because the partners have opposing belief systems. In the midst of the idyllic scenery and romantic dates, you should have an idea of what your mate values most. Set out time to discuss and find out if you can put up with their belief systems. Discover if their values are compatible with yours. In areas where they are not, ask yourself if you will be able to compromise. The importance of starting on the same footing with a potential partner cannot be exaggerated. This question could save you unwarranted heartache in the future.
  • How would you spend a million dollars? This question is not about inducting you into the gold-digger’s hall of fame. Rather it achieves the goal of discussing money matters in a light-hearted atmosphere. Money has often been the iceberg that has aided the sinking of a gazillion relationships. So it is important that you know if your date is a saver or a spender. Best believe that you can never be too cautious as regards this issue.
  • Where Do You See Yourself Five Years from Now? The Christian Bible says two cannot walk together unless they agree. Before you accept to date your interest, you have to be sure that you are both on the same page. You have to know if you have the capacity to support their goal and aspirations. Sharing your dreams with each other can help you see if your partnership would be worthwhile and beneficial.
  • How do we define this relationship? Most motivational experts will tell you to begin any venture with the end in mind. This piece of advice is also apt when applied to the dating world. You should have an inkling of where you both stand concerning your relationship. For instance, your date could be averse to raising kids, while for you, it has always been a goal. It is important that you both know where your relationship is headed in order to ward off conflicts later.
  • Are you close to your family? No one exists in a vacuum. As the relationship progresses, a time will come when you need the support structure that families have to offer. You should know if they come from a tumultuous background. Do they treat each other with mutual respect? Your partner’s upbringing can reveal hidden pieces of the puzzle needed to unravel them.

In a Nut Shell
As you begin your own boy meets girl adventure, hopefully these questions would safely guide you through. Who knows, you might end up being among the lucky few who eventually get to their destination unscathed.
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