Essential Books You Should Read Before Moving into a New Relationship

There are so many reasons why you may decide to move into a new relationship. It may be because of heart breaks or you choose to have something new in your life. Moving to a new relationship entails leaving the past behind and forging ahead. It also means seeking a new relationship adventure free from mistakes of the past. A lot of people think they know so much about relationships. But the truth is that no one knows everything. If you are knowledgeable about some relationship ethics, it will be easy to move into a new one. And that is why it is necessary for you to read books that will broaden your mind and prepare you for a new relationship. To make your search easier for you, we have suggested five essential books that will help you move into a healthy relationship.

  • Act like a lady, think like a man: The women folk will be more interested in reading this book. But men also need to read it to know how women think and behave. This book reveals the intricacies of women and shows you how they are made up. In this book, you will be able to know why men act the way they do and how they are different from women. Steve Harvey, who is the author of this book, explains how deep a woman’s love is. He also explains how best you can enjoy your relationship.
  • When the past is present: Healing the emotional wounds that sabotage our relationships: To successfully move into a new relationship, you must read this book. This is because it is possible to transfer old emotions into the current relationship, a behavior that can be harmful. Written by David Richo, this book will help you understand how to control those emotions. And you will also become more aware of yourself.
  • 100 simple secrets of great relationships: It takes a lot of effort for a relationship to be great. This book written by Niven David is a book you should read to learn what those secrets are. To transition well, you need to know that the past should be left alone and not be of importance. Knowing that a relationship begins with you is something else you will learn in detail. These and lots more are secrets worth knowing about from this book.
  • The heart of the five love languages: It is interesting to know that love has languages which vary from relationship to relationship. Knowing what type of love language is ideal for you will help in your new relationship. In this book, Gary Chapman, who is the author of this book, will help you understand how to interpret the love language of your partner and how to communicate love. It will enlighten you and open your eyes to lots of insights.
  • Men are from Mars; women are from Venus: This book illustrates how different men and women are. Before moving into a new relationship, it is good you understand this logic. This book written by John Gray will clear any unforeseen doubt you may have in mind about the opposite sex.

In a Nut Shell

It is indeed normal for you to have fears when moving into a new relationship. This is because you do not know what to expect in this new adventure. So reading the books recommended above will help you overcome those fears. Lastly, don’t just read these books; apply them to your everyday endeavors. We wish you the best in your journey of moving into a new relationship.

Photo Credit: Feministing