Endangered Species You Probably Have Not Heard Of

Our ecosystem is vital to our existence as human beings. Thus, we have a responsibility in the society to make sure we preserve the ecosystem with as much effort as we can muster. Endangered species are also part of the ecosystem. They are animals which have been categorized as likely to become extinct. We know you might be aware of a few endangered species. But do you know there are much more you don’t know? We want to add to your fountain of knowledge. So, here are some endangered species you probably have never heard of:

  • Mexican Walking Fish: Have you ever imagined a fish with legs before? If you are like millions of people out there, you probably laughed at the idea and quickly forgot about it. Formally known as Axolotls, this animal is actually an amphibian. It is not a fish. They are classified as endangered because of the urbanization in Mexico City and the constant water pollution.
  • Weta: Found mostly in New Zealand, Wetas have been touted to be vital to the ecosystem. There are over seventy species of this animal, and about seventeen of them are either endangered or at risk. Weta can bite and scratch other animals and humans ferociously. So, if you ever come close to one, be very careful. If you are not careful, you might just go home with bites and scratches on your body. However, these bites and scratches are not dangerous. They will just hurt for a few days.
  • Frigate Island Beetle: This endangered species is unique because it is only found on Frigate Island. Frigate Island is found in Seychelles which is located in East Africa. It has a hard and round abdomen as well as a capacity to grow to be about 20-30 mm long. They find shelter mostly under the bark of trees or within bushes during the day.
  • Crinoid Snapping Shrimp: Before you physically see a crinoid snapping shrimp, you will hear it. This endangered species got its name because of the loud sound it makes. The crinoid snapping shrimp can make a loud shooting voice which sounds like a pistol. Unlike a gun, what comes out when the crinoid snapping shrimp makes the loud shooting sound is air and not bullets.
  • Komodo Dragon: Right now, you need to forget what you’ve heard that dragons don’t exist anymore. The Komodo dragon is one of the largest lizards in the world right now. An average one weighs about 300 pounds and is about 10 feet long. This species can eat anything including its own offspring. And that is why baby Komodo dragons roll themselves into a small ball shape like feces to avoid being eaten.

Endangered species are fascinating to study. Now that you know a few more, you can carry out adequate research about them. The most important thing is that we should all try as much as possible to preserve their existence. These animals are what keeps our ecosystem running. We can help endangered species become less endangered. It takes a combined effort of all of us.