Economic Benefits of Land Conservation

t6A community leader, Mr. Brown granted an interview some days ago. The interviewer asked about how his city is developing their economy without the help of the government. His reply gave everyone a reason to pause and think about the happenings in their respective towns. He pointed out the size of the land conserved in his community, how it helps in boosting their economy. Mr. Brown mentioned the portion of their lands that now serve as farms and how the produce has contributed to feeding the communist. He talked about several benefits of land conservation to his community.

Can you boast of this kind of development in your community? Do you think Mr. Brown’s community is just wasting lands by preserving them? We want you to know some of the benefits of land conservation to your community. They are below:

  • Sufficient farmlands: In a place where land conservation policy is effective, there will be enough farmlands for agricultural purposes. Farms are important in boosting the economy of society, and of the nation. With sufficient farms, people will be encouraged to eat manually grown foods such as vegetables and fruits. These feeding habits, if maintained will keep the population healthy. Healthy human beings will be able to contribute to the growth of their towns, unlike the sick individuals who will be bed-ridden.
  • Preservation of cultural and historical sites: Every community has its incredible cultural and historic locations. These places have connections to the story of how the city started and grew to its present status. For some towns, the historic sites are their tourism centers. People come from miles away, and sometimes from other countries to see the historical monuments. Preserving a site like this will continually generate income for such society.
  • Reduces bio-extinction: Biodiversity plays a significant role in the economy of every community. In a place where there are different living biological lives, there is nature balance.  Crops will grow well, and animals will feed well. The food chain will favor all the natural beings. Land conservation is beneficial to their economy when bio-extinction is reduced which in turn promotes biodiversity.
  • Availability of parks and recreational centers: If all the plots in a community are used up, where will the parks and recreation centers be positioned? Parks and recreational centers are a paramount part of every society. It is where people go and relax after working hard. There are some recreational centers where people have to pay an appropriate fee to access them. The price paid is revenue for that society, thereby benefiting the economy of that community.
  • Sufficient natural resources: The people have the need for water, oil, natural gas, and many more natural resources. Indiscriminate use of lands affects the availability of natural resources tremendously.

How Human Behavior Affects the Environment Negatively

Nothing is going well in our environment that is not impacted by humans. Also, every negative occurrence in our world is caused by people like us. There are practices we involve in that are affecting our environments negatively. Some of human behaviors that affect our environment are as follows:

  • Burning of fossil fuels: Several activities carried out by humans lead to air pollution. Combustion from automobiles, power plants, and fossil fuels introduce harmful gasses such as carbon monoxides and nitrous oxide into the environment into the environment. A lot of people are breathing in these dangerous chemicals into their body systems. Most of these chemicals are the prominent causes of cancers and some chronic diseases.
  • Overuse of fertilizers: Aquatic plants and animals need nitrogen and phosphorus to survive. Excess Nitrogen and Phosphorus are introduced into the aquatic systems through the extra use of fertilizers by humans. The excess nutrient will cause overgrowth of some bacteria and algae because the quality of the water has reduced. These microorganisms will contend with other species in the water by using up the oxygen needed for their survival. These excess nutrients presented into the water can be transported to other water sources, and in turn reduces their quay.
  • Deforestation: Cutting down of trees in the forests by humans is the leading cause of bio-extinction. The scarcity of tree on the forest creates unsafe and porous habitats for the animals there. A lot of them get killed and are extinct due to exposure to harsh weathers. We need to stop the act of deforestation to enhance biodiversity.
  • Greenhouse gas emission: Carbon dioxides and methane which are known as greenhouse gasses are the dominant cause global warming. Chlorofluorocarbon that is used in aerosols and refrigeration destroys the layer with has always shielded humanity from direct sun rays.

Some Innovative Technologies For Land And Environmental Conservation

  • Global forest watch: This is an internet based forest monitoring device. It has an alert system that gives instantaneous data on activities going on in the forests. Global forest watch uses satellite technology to track where and when deforestation is happening. The alert will enable field staffs and the government to take necessary action. This device will help in effecting the policy changes in forestry.
  • Google earth engine: This is a free Google application that gives its users the opportunity to organize images on Landsat. The images in the different categories can be viewed and can also be analyzed.
  • Nature watch: This is a very handy iPhone application for Birders. It supplies its handlers with information on Important Birds and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) while in the woods. You also have the option of sharing the data you gathered each time it is used.
  • Global fish watch: This device can be used to analyze fishing patterns worldwide. Global fish watch filters data while creating a global map of the routes of all fishing vessels. It can be used by anybody that is interested in defending overfishing.
  • Map of life: This application uses Google maps platforms. Map of life will show the location of more than 970,000 wildlife animals. You can use it to search a particular area to know the type of animal that is present there. You can also use it to track the location of particular species.

Bottom Line

The economy of some communities depends largely on the amount of free lands they have. Also, an end should be put to some of the practices affecting our environment. We want you to imagine what would happen in a city with several reserved lands that has been turned to refuse dumps by the communist. Such practice is not good for the health of the people, and neither is it economical. Everyone should work together to make our world a pleasant place to live.

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