Do Cell Phones and Microwaves Cause Cancer?

Currently, we live in a world where we depend on technology a lot. Our generation has seen the invention of many technological equipment for daily use. Cell phones and microwaves fall into this category. Can you imagine how life was without a cell phone? Close your eyes for just a few seconds and try to imagine that era. No calls, no text messages, no internet! Now, also picture how drab daily living would be without the use of a microwave. You would spend so much time at the stove cooking and heating up your food. Honestly, life has been made easier with cell phones and microwaves.

However, scientists have also discovered that cell phones and microwaves cause the most feared disease. That ailment is cancer. So, with the cell phone and microwave usage, there can be brain cancer and other types of cancer. Keep reading and watch your mind be baffled as we discuss how they cause cancer.

Why are People Concerned?

The main reason for the debate on whether cell phones and microwaves cause cancer is three-fold. It is not based on pure assumption. There are genuine and cogent reasons for it. Here are some of them:

  • Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy: One of the contributory factors to cancer is radiation. When people are exposed to a certain type of radiative energy, the result will be cancer. In this case, cell phones give off radiofrequency energy which is a form of non-ionizing radiation in the phone antenna. The tissues closest to the antenna are liable to absorb this negative energy which can lead to cancer.
  • Cell phones and microwave users have increased: Now, the number of cell phone and microwave used have rapidly increased. You cannot possibly compare the number of people that use cell phones in the 90’s to now. The number has tripled. The more users we have, the more people are liable to cancer.
  • People are now spending a longer amount of time with this equipment: You find an average cell phone user these days spending about forty minutes on a call or cooking with the microwave. Increased amount of time holding the cell phone to the ear is putting the brain more at risk because it is in contact with the antenna. Also, radiation in the microwave is passed to food when it is heated.

How Harmful is Radiofrequency Energy?

As mentioned earlier, this energy is the contributory factor to cancer. Here are some ways it is harmful:

  • It affects glucose metabolism: This is basically energy that is required for the organs in the body to function normally. Thus, when they are negatively affected, the organs cannot work well. With time, there may be a breakdown in the body.
  • It may affect the flow of blood in the brain: Speculations have been made on whether this is a consequence of the energy. Some test results come back positive while others come back negative. It is safe to say it is inconclusive at the moment, but there is a high possibility.


Cell phones and microwaves are the most used equipment. Yet, they are the most dangerous ones as well. The National Cancer Institute passes warnings and educates people daily on the effects. As a user, you should minimize your attachment to them. Save your life today by being more cautious.

Photo Credit: Motherjones