Dangers of Working Late in the Night

You work in a high-pressured office environment where time is essential. Severally, you have foregone important personal engagements just to meet the demands of your job. With the office hours barely enough for your workload, you are constantly working late into the night. Meanwhile, your diligence has not gone unnoticed by your superiors. In fact, rumors around the office indicate that you are up for a promotion. This elevation will undoubtedly come with huge responsibilities which could result in lots of sleep deprivation. However, you are not worried about this as you are quite capable of handling any challenges that will come with your new office. From all indications, you love your job. But are you aware of the dangers lurking in the background?

In our fast-paced world, more people are keeping the proverbial midnight oil burning due to the nature of their work. While this action is increasing our productivity output, the risk it signifies for our society cannot be ignored. If you have made it a habit of working late every night, below are some of the dangers you might be putting yourself through: 

  • Inadequate security: A serious drawback of working late into the night is the lack of security available at that time. Usually, most crimes happen under the cover of darkness and there is always a high risk of you getting robbed in your office. Working late in the night can expose you to various security threats that only happen at night.
  • Fatigue: Another disadvantage of late night work is that you end up feeling extremely fatigued and drowsy during the day. Generally, night time is the period during which our body repairs itself from the activities of the day. Therefore, any interruption to your body’s natural sleep pattern at night can lead to fatigue and sleep disorders such as insomnia. You will also experience difficulty staying awake and alert during the day.
  • Obesity: If you are fond of keeping late nights as a result of work, you are putting yourself at the risk of obesity. Usually, in a bid to be alert and active, most individuals take energy drinks or caffeine which is notorious for being loaded with sugar. The high amount of sugar in the body system coupled with lack of exercise can lead to obesity in the future.
  • Increase in accidents: Those who work late at night experience an increase in work-related accidents compared to those who work in the daytime. The little amount of sleep your body gets can lead to fatal lapses due to how tired and worn-out your body becomes. There is also a lack of attention to details which can put you at risk of harming yourself.


Contrary to popular belief, working late into the night does not prove how hardworking or tough we are. From all indications, the disadvantages that comes with it far outweigh any advantage it might have. And the devastation keeping late nights can cause us in the long run may lead to severe health complications in the future. Hence, if you are partial to working at night, it will do you well to adjust.

Photo Credit: Vilrated