Cyber Bullying: How to Say No to It

picture-13There are two types of bullying. They are physical and online bullying. Online bullying is also known as cyber bullying. This kind of bullying occurs over the internet or through a technological device. Cyber bullying can happen via emails, instant messaging, social networking sites, instant messaging applications, online discussion forums, phone calls, and Short Message Service (SMS). Cyber bullying can happen to children, teenagers, youths, and even adults.

The internet has been helpful to human development. It has several learning materials and educative contents. The cyber world also made connectivity easier. People that are miles apart can communicate by just a click. The internet makes living more fun and at the same time, more dangerous. Several harmful individuals are leveraged on the internet to carry out their predatory acts. Teenagers and youths, instead of settling their quarrels in their neighborhood now prefer to take it online. People have now replaced a physical slap to the face with releasing offensive statements, videos and pictures of the individual they are quarreling with. This is Cyber bullying. We need to put an end to it.

Victims of cyberbullying, when interviewed, often say the experience made them feel hurt, scared them and took all their confidence away. Some of them got depressed, angry and frustrated. Several young people have committed suicide because they were victims of online taunts. The first reported case of suicide initiated by cyber bullying was the death of Ryan Halligan in 2003. Some conquered internet bullying while others succumbed to its effects. If you are here because you do not want to get to the point of being a victim, you have to decide to stand your ground and say NO to cyber bullying. Here are some things you can do that will help you say NO to cyber bullying:

Do Not Accept Strangers on Your Friends List: A lot of young people on social networking sites want to have lots of friends and followers on their list. We are sorry to say this, but you might be gladly saying “Yes” to cyber bullying. You don’t have to accept every friend request on Facebook neither do you have to follow everyone you see on Twitter. Set a limit for yourself. Your Instagram account has privacy settings. Use them. You should not carelessly allow a bully into your online space. Your life should not be about social media alone. Guard yourself against cyber bullying.

Keep Your Personal Information Private: You should know the right things to put out on the internet. A lot of information about you is not meant to be online. You may post it there because you are trying to carry your friends along about your life. Even though you mean well, a cyber bully can use such information against you. All a bully needs to know is what hurts you the most, and that’s it, you are a victim. Shun cyber bullying by keeping your private life away from public eye.

Learn How to Use the Right Language Online: When you are part of a discussion forum online, you should use the right language. Desist from using swear words. Refrain from lashing out when someone online says hurtful words to you. Learn to walk away from misunderstandings. Also, when typing, try not to type your contribution in upper case letters, it is offensive to some people.

Don’t Share Your Private Pictures: Some pictures are private, based on the content. It can be your pose or your clothes. Guard this pictures jealously. They are for your eyes only. A lot of youths share unclad pictures with their partner when the going is good. Remember, the relationship can end. What will happen then?  A bully will use those pictures against you. By keeping your private photos to yourself, you are saying no to cyber bullying.

Block Offensive Individuals: If you need to refuse someone access to your life, please do it as fast as possible. Some individuals should not be a part of your cyberspace. These people are those that you have tried to be civil with at all cost. You have tried to relate with them peacefully, but sometimes, you both end up quarreling. It is obvious that such person might be too offensive. Ease the tension away from you by blocking such individuals. They have no part in your world. Block their number on your phones. Delete them off your social media pages. Don’t let anyone make you vulnerable.

Respect Other People’s Privacy: Prying into other people’s online privacy may expose you to being bullied. Respect their privacy. You should not ask questions about circumstances which the other person has decided not to talk about. Prying into other person’s life can earn you a dose of cyber bullying.

Speak Up for The Bullied Persons You Know: As a young person, you probably know one or two individuals who are bullied every day. These victims feel helpless and defenseless. Be the voice of people in this category. Get the bully booted out of the popular groups online.

Speak Up for Yourself: It is easier to speak up for others than defending ourselves. Are you seeing signs of cyber bullying from someone you interact with online?  Speak up about it. Don’t give the perpetrator the power to invade your cyber world by keeping quiet.  Let your friends, relatives, and parent know that you are seeing some signs of cyber bullying from someone. Get their help in deleting the person from your cyberspace.

Start Awareness Programs: You can launch the “No to Cyber bullying” awareness in your community. Educate individuals on the things they can do to shun online bullying. Let them know the importance of not giving any power to cyber bullies. Also, get help for victims of cyber bullying.

Bottom Line

You have been well educated above about how to say no to cyber bullying. It’s your life, and it’s your cyberspace. Any individual who can make you uncomfortable should not be allowed into this part of your life. Take the right steps and educate your loved ones also. Let us all join hands together to chase cyber bullies away from our cyber world.

Photo Credit: Dilcreationz