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Crowdfunding for Pets

When your pet is sick or hurt, you want to provide the best possible care for them. Unfortunately, routine care can cost you hundreds of dollars and you could be saddled if your pet needs urgent health care . And this is where FreeForAll comes in.

FreeForAll is the pet-dedicated crowdfunding platform that helps dogs by connecting with donors to raise funds for important projects. The critical partnership between veterinary partners and us ensures that recipients are truly in need, catering to all the pet care needs perfectly.

Why FreeForAll?

At FreeForAll, we ensure pets can access the best of resources using crowdfunding. We provide a platform where non-profits can list their most urgent funding needs and where many donors can give small donations to the projects. These many small donations collectively fund entire projects, providing non-profits with resources that enable them to help more pets faster.

Our dog care volunteers offer much-needed care for pets in need. Not driven by profit, all the donations fund the care of dogs with no hidden cost or service charge. Our model is mission-driven, utilizing effective marketing practices to drive funds to the pets that need it most.

At FreeForAll, we understand the importance of pet care. We reduce the number of pets relinquished at animal shelters, positively impacting both municipal animal control agencies and other rescue organizations alike.

Benefits of Crowdfunding on FreeForAll

  1. Excellent customer support: By phone, email, or chat.
  2. Easy access to track who’s supporting your campaign.
  3. No hidden cost.
  4. Great social media interactions to make sharing easy.
  5. Interactive commenting experience to engage supporters or donors.
  6. No target requirements.

At FreeForAll, we’ve got reliable customer support team to help you no matter what queries you have.

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