Cons of Staying Put in One’s Comfort Zone

Mark’s lifelong dream has always been to own a restaurant. However, he works with one of the top financial institutions in the country. In spite of the excellent pay package, he hates his job and the stressful working hours that comes with it. Besides, Mark would have loved to quit his job to pursue his passion fully. Unfortunately, he is scared of the risks that come with taking such a decision. What if the restaurant becomes a failed venture? How will he able to survive without a steady income flow? With these questions running through his mind, he decides to stick to his job. Afraid to take a plunge into an unknown future, Mark felt that his dream of becoming a restaurant owner remains nothing but a dream.

What Mark is passing through is not new. We humans are wired to seek comfort wherever we find ourselves. And whenever we come across a comfortable situation, we tend to put down roots and vow never to leave that place. Unfortunately, getting stuck in such a state can stunt our growth. And if you doubt this, read some of disadvantages of staying put in your comfort zone below:

  • Poor productivity: This is one of the banes of not leaving your comfort zone. For instance, if you are living with your parents, you become so complacent and lazy that you depend on them to cook for you and pay some of your bills. You will also find it difficult to do many things that you could do your own. Worse, you will always have 1 million excuses to balk at any challenging activities.
  • Lack of creativity: Living life in your comfort zone can stifle and destroy your creative prowess. Research has shown that people who go after new experiences develop their creative minds in the process. To say it another way, when you prefer staying in your comfort zone, you lack the capacity to think out of the box and do something extremely remarkable.
  • Lack of growth: Another disadvantage of living in the comfort zone is the lack of growth in every area of your life. Usually, most people who prefer their comfort zone do so because of a massive fear of failure. Having a fear of failure can hold you back from trying out new things which can be beneficial to your personal growth. Besides, every time you try something new, you open up yourself to learn and enlarge your field of knowledge which can be useful to you in the future.
  • Inability to take risks: A life without risks is a life without considerable rewards. Taking risks such as going to an unknown terrain or leaving your comfort zone can help you tremendously to meet interesting people, find new opportunities, and gain more knowledge. But when you decide to be overly cautious in everything you do, you may not enjoy these benefits.

Bottom Line

Comfort zones are pleasant places due to how safe and familiar they you feel. But if you are tired of living a predictable life, you need to come out of your shell and explore the world.

Photo credit: Psychologytoday