Better Ways of Recovering from PTSD

Well, Rick is not the only person to be in such ordeal. Many people like you may be passing through the same challenge. And that is why we are here to offer you better ways of recovering from PTSD:

  • Learn about PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a condition affecting a lot of individuals. You are not alone. Learn as much as you can about this condition on the internet. For example, the National Institute of Mental Health has lots of information about PTSD on their website. There are NGOs that organize lectures for people with PTSD. Get information from NGOs in your environment about such lectures attend any of them. The information you gather about PTSD from these sources is your first step towards recovery.
  • Be physically active: Experiencing a traumatic incident can make you terribly afraid of being outdoors. To overcome PTSD, you have to keep moving. Visiting the gym and taking walks would help you greatly. You can also develop your interest in sports such as soccer, basketball and the like. Regardless of your preference, just be consistent in any physical activity
  • Associate with other people: You need people in your life. Don’t cut off your friends, associates, and family members from your communication circle. Be active on social media such as facebook, twitter, and instagram. Make new friends both online and offline. You can also join PTSD support groups online. Relating with others would help you to remain mentally active and stay healthy.
  • Talk about the incident: Not speaking about a painful incident is similar to being in denial. Your first breakthrough comes from talking about the incident without exhibiting the symptoms of PTSD. A known example is Beth. She used to have PTSD. After trying several ways to recover, we recommended talking about the incident to her. After a few weeks, she said she started feeling less traumatized. She never knew that her recounting what she saw during her Brother’s murder to her family members was necessary to help her recover from the health challenge. All in all, she felt happy about the result of her effort and her happy state of mind contributed to her healing process.
  • Consult a doctor: If you try all of the above and there is no improvement, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. This is because physicians are well-trained on how to help you overcome the PTSD.

Bottom Line

You are not the only one with PTSD. So, don’t feel terribly sad that you are yet to recover from it. By following all the advice mentioned above, we believe that you will recover quickly from PTSD.

Photo Credit: Veteranstoday