Best Ways to Fight against Negative Feelings

Kirsty looked at herself in the mirror and didn’t like what she saw. All she saw was a fat girl with chubby cheeks and a bulging tummy. The right part of her mind kept telling her that she was beautiful and that many guys would find her physical shape attractive. But the other part of her mind disagreed.  This left part believed that Kirsty could never be beautiful if she was not as slim as a model. And as Kirsty thought more about this spurious advice, she became incredibly sad and depressed about her physical outlook.

What Kristy was passing through is very common in many neighborhoods today. And you are not alone in this if you are still struggling to overcome a number of bad thoughts oozing from your mind. To overcome these feelings, we advise you to implement the following tips:

  • Analyze your thought process: The truth is that what we feel is as a result of our thoughts. Next time you notice that you are feeling negative, do not hesitate to trace the source of your worries. Ask yourself questions on why you are feeling that way. Stated another way, probe your thoughts to have more insights into your difficulties. To help yourself better, get a piece of paper and write down everything that comes to your head. You will find clarity as to why the negative feelings start and then figure out the best way to overcome it.
  • Surround yourself with positive people: We cannot do without our family and friends. One of the best ways to dispel negative feelings is to make sure you have positive people around you. Stay in the company of individuals that know your strengths and weaknesses. Ask them to encourage you whenever you hit a dead-end. It will also help if they are people that can crack jokes. The more people around you, the merrier you will find yourself.
  • Avoid Haters: Many people out there find delight in using scathing remarks to spite others. If you notice people like this in your life, avoid them like a plague. They will do nothing but make you insecure. They might sometimes see this as a joke. However, the more they ‘joke’, the more they will make you feel bad. Just do yourself a favor and stay away from such toxic individuals.
  • Talk positively to yourself: Many of us underestimate the power of looking into the mirror and talking to ourselves. Once the negative thoughts start, look into the mirror and talk to yourself. It is not compulsory that someone must be around to encourage you. You can do it yourself. Looking at yourself in the mirror and saying “I can do this” can help you overcome the positive thoughts as soon as possible.
  • Wear your weakness like an armor: People that have watched Game of Thrones can easily relate to this. Can you still remember when Tyrion Lannister gave this advice to John Snow? If you accept your flaws now, trust us nobody can use it to cut you. So, the quicker you accept that you are not perfect, the better you will fight against negative feelings”
  • Recognize that you are responsible for your emotions: You are responsible for the way you react to what people say or do to you. For instance, if a man decided to say hurtful words to two different people, their reactions may be different. One person might choose to over react to the acts, while the other person might decide to overlook it. So, how you react to negative words or thoughts is entirely up to you.

Bottom Line

Having negative thoughts is part of what makes us human. We cannot prevent it. But we can minimize it. Acknowledging that negative feelings are part of what makes us human and implementing the above tips are great ways to living a happy life.

Photo Credit: Michellebersell