Benefits of Sports and Other Recreational Activities in Youths

y4You are probably reading this because you want to understand why sports is getting so much attention. Well, you are on the right track by being here. It is evident that most of the people involved in sports and recreational activities are the youths. They put a lot of their time and energy into it and again you are asking, “Why are they taking it so seriously”? We want to tell you that it is because sports aids their development.

From time immemorial, sport and recreational activities are a major part of the human life. Before you read too far, you need to understand what we mean by “sports” and “recreational activities.” Leisure activities are things you do for fun and pleasure. These activities can be done indoor or outdoor. There are several examples of recreational activities. A quick search on Google will show you a lot of them. Sports, on the other hand, is any activity that involves physical ability. It requires the exertion of physical strength. Examples of sports activities are soccer, baseball, and cycling. Sport is a form of recreational activity.

In the US today, the leaders are putting a lot of revenue into sporting events and any beneficial recreational activities. They give support to local, national and international sports competitions. The young people are often encouraged to participate in a chosen activity. Sometimes, the government gives national recognition to high flyers in some categories of games. Despite all these, some people still do not agree that sports and other recreational activities can enhance positive youth development. It does help in various ways. We will make you understand the benefits of sports and other recreational activities in youths with the points below:

Develops Social Skills: In a place when there are lots of young people like you, it is normal that you will make new friends. In any location where recreational activities are going on, you will find a lot of young people. If you are often present in such environment, it is typical to have new friends every now and then. You will also unconsciously learn how to develop the friendships. We don’t just mean you make new friends while you go for a game of soccer. It is more of a long-term habit of being a socially acceptable person that you have unknowing developed.

Teaches Teamwork: A young person who is part of a sports team would understand the purpose of working in unity with diverse individuals. How to play on a team with other people is the first thing a sports person learns. For your squad to be a winning team, every individual must learn to work with the other people. A young person that has understood this principle will appreciate his or her community leaders better. He or she will understand that for a leader to succeed, the people under him have to work together to achieve success. Dear reader, how developed is your team spirit?

Self-Discipline: No one can be consistent with sporting activities without self-discipline. If you are going to be part of a sports team, you will seriously develop your character. You will be trained to do the right thing at the right time without supervision. For example, a football team may put their training time at 6’o clock in the morning. If you are a member of this team, you will be required to do this consistently for a year with supervision. You will realize that by the following year, the time you wake up will be constant. Your body system would have adjusted. This lifestyle which was instilled in you because you are on a sports team can be part of you for the rest of your life.

Boosts Confidence: A well-rounded youth should be full of self-confidence. If a young person lacks confidence, one of the ways to develop this is by competing in a category of sporting activity. When a youth joins his team in a regular sports competition, the person will not be shy whenever a situation to face a crowd comes up. Confidence plays a lot of role in your life. A confident person will be a good candidate when a leadership position needs to be filled up.

Promotes Education Through Scholarship Awards: It is common knowledge that a lot of youths receive a tuition-free education because they are exceptional sports individuals. These highly skilled persons made their society proud. The community in return honored them by giving study aids. A young person who is less privileged can be the beneficiary of this form of scholarship. The person’s hope of receiving a formal education can be restored because of his or her love for recreational activities.

Career Development: There are different choice careers in the area of sports. Several communities have had to organize different career seminars for their youths. Choosing a career is as important as breathing. A young person that is dutifully involved in games is likely to take up a career in that field. Through sports, you can see how your life could be. Career development for a youth like this is a walk over.

Curbs Youthful Delinquency: This is one crucial area in which sports has helped youth development. Several young people in the US, who would have been roaming our streets today, have found their purpose in sports. Instead of being a gang member and getting involved in crimes, they channel the energy into being a high-flying sports person. Involvement in sports has turned a lot of troubled individuals into someone that is adding value to our communities.

Bottom Line

Young people are the leaders of tomorrow. Their development should always be paramount in the society. A troubled young individual in your society can be changed through sports. Now that we have successfully educated you, we hope you understand the role of sports in youth development. You know what? You should also get yourself involved in some form of recreational activities. Do not experience the benefits alone. Get your friends involved. Better still, tell a troubled youth about the benefits of sports in youth development. Be you neighbors’ keeper!

Photo Credit: Fundraiserhelp