Being Judgmental: Is It Good or Bad?

s11We often judge others from time to time. Technically, being judgmental means bringing out certain qualities in person using our sets of intellectual skills. Often, we make judgments about others without actually knowing them. Statements like “how could he” and ‘why would they’ are frequently uttered by a whole lot of us. Most of these declarations are used when we come with actions that are absurd or shocking to us. Being judgmental can be an equally good and bad quality. Judging someone else with based on little information about them is simply wrong. However, the basic fact is that all human beings judge. Our human consciousness regularly allows us to contrast or compare ourselves with others. The process of comparing or contrasting ourselves with others, based on certain qualities, make us judgmental. The intent behind every judgment we make is what makes our views either wrong or right.

 Our cultural/religious values, genetic makeup, and childhood experience mostly contribute to our tendency to be judgmental. For instance, a religion enthusiast will easily adjudge someone that acts contrary to his/her religious beliefs as ‘sinful.’ Also, for somebody that grow up in a predominantly wealthy community, judging a poor man as being lazy could be very easy. Some of us can also find it tough to cope with a different culture. We get disgusted watching some foreign cultural values on TVs. We judge such values as being absurd immediately, mainly because they do not meet our cultural standards. In some cultures, being infected primarily implies waywardness. To a lot of other people, smokers are low-lives. Differences in opinions, beliefs, orientations and experiences, is the primary reason why most of us are judgmental.

Why Being Judgmental Is Good 

Even though being judgmental can be appalling at times, it could be advantageous, other times. Here are some reasons why you should be judgmental:

  • Being Judgmental Helps Keep the Society Sane: In recent times, the world is witnessing decadence in various forms. Child prostitution, rape, drug abuse, stealing, terrorism and other immoralities are on rampant these days. A majority of these acts are on the rise because the morally upright individuals in the society mind their businesses. A whole lot of them don’t want to be seen as being judgmental. Being judgmental helps the community to keep harmful acts in checks. When an immoral individual is judged as being immoral by the society, such a person feel sorry for their actions. They get to know the society does not accept such behaviors. Thus, being judgmental helps to keep the society sane by discerning an immoral act from a moral one.
  • Being Judgmental Is Important in Building Your Relationships: When you judge someone, you are either pointing out their negatives or positives. Judging an individual from your first conversation can save you from a potential prick relationship. It can also bring you long-lasting relationships. Your judgment skills are very crucial in assuming what relationships can affect your life positively or otherwise. Your ability to judge and follow your intuition helps you in trusting yourself in relationships. Also, being judgmental affords you the chance to set your borders. You will be able to trust yourself in deciding on what is right or wrong according to your standards. You will be able to keep the friends you trust and avoid the ones that do not meet your standards by being judgmental. For instance, you will be able to decide on what type of personality you want in your relationships. Your friends love you because of certain qualities they judged you to have. So, what stop you from judging each new person you meet? Your guess is probably right!
  • Being Judgmental Is Crucial To Your Personal Growth: Judging someone else affords you the chance to compare and contrast their personality with yours. By so doing, you would be able to decide what your weak and strong points in comparison with others. Also, you will be able to harness your strengths and build on your weakness. During the process of judging somebody, you get to learn about a new thing. Furthermore, when later evidence flaws your judgment of a person, you would be able to be more cautious in your future decisions. Importantly, the process of judging, not judging and re-judging will help you as you go through life.
  • Being Judgmental Curbs Dishonesty: The worst form of hypocrisy is acting opposite to what you feel about a person. Judging a person is just a perception of the individual. Letting them know is pure honesty. You are merely affording them the chance to know their wrongs and possibly become better. Your judgment skills are products of your experience and personality. Hiding away from your identity makes you dishonest.
  • Being Judgmental Is a Necessary Asset: Do not anyone make you feel bad for being By making you feel bad for being judgmental, they are equally judging you. Being termed as being judgmental is a compliment, not an insult. When you can decide, it means you are wise and able to make use of your consciousness. Your ability to judge means your perception is alive.

Why Being Judgmental Is Bad 

In as much as the above-listed reasons are enough to justify our being judgmental, there are few reasons while being judgmental is atrocious. They are as follows:

  • Being Judgmental Reduces Our Self-worth: Describing a person as either bad or good in your perspective may imply you focus much on others that yourself. Concerning yourself about the qualities of others can harm your personal values and self-worthiness. You become less conscious of yourself by judging others. Being continually judgmental may cost you your self-esteem.
  • Being Judgmental Makes You Unnecessary Arrogant: Who are you to judge another person? The individual you are judging never asked for your assessment. Judging him/her as being less good as you are may make you arrogant. Furthermore, being judgmental could make you feel incredibly okay about yourself. This can lead you to self-destruction.
  • Being Judgmental Is Unjust: Most times, you don’t even know what the person you are judging is going through or what his/her experiences are. Deciding that someone is bad due one quality, you noticed in such person is purely inhumane. Before judging, try to assume yourself in their shoes, know how their minds work, and what inform their actions and beings. Impossible, you say? Therefore, being judgmental is a crime to the person being judged and makes you inhumane.
  • You Can Lose a Lot by Being Judgmental: Writing off people due to your bias first impressions could cost you a whole lot of opportunities. During to our proclivity to be judgmental, many of us have shut the door against potentially significant relationships. Many have even lost the chance to get new knowledge. The best way to learn is to welcome opinions and philosophies different to ours. Our first impressions are not fundamentally our best views.
  • Being Judgmental Is Harmful to the World: When we judge ourselves based on our culture, religion, experience or genetic makeups, we are only making the world more disunited. The increase in racial violence and religious terrorism can be attributed primarily to the poor judgment skills of the perpetrators.


Being judgmental is a very sensitive issue, with both positives and negatives. However, I do not feel it is bad to judge others, as long as we take caution during our judgment. As living beings, we will forever judge ourselves. What is important is for us to be judgmental for the sake of helping ourselves and the person being judged. It is necessary for you to speak up when you judge someone to be doing something wrong or stupid. You will not only be preventing both yourself and the individual from being wrong. Also, don’t be in a rush to judge somebody for a single bad quality you see in them. The fact is, the moment you ignore the bad side in someone, is the second you would detect who they are. It is very easy to judge, because someone, somewhere are also judging you. But, try to free yourself from whining about your judgments. It is a basic human decency everyone needs.

Photo Credit: 360nobs