Basic Things You Should Know About Astrobiology

Astrobiology is now a very important field in the academic world. This is because of its immense usefulness. And if you are just hearing the name astrobiology for the first time, keep reading to learn more about the basic things you should know about this field.
What is Astrobiology?
From its name, astrology is the combination of astrobiology and biology. And according to astrobiology web, astrobiology is defined as the study of the origin, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe. Knowledge of astrobiology also explains whether there is life beyond the earth, and how to detect it.
Furthermore, astrobiologists require the wealth of knowledge from various scientific fields to achieve their goals. They often delve into biology, geology, chemistry, and astronomy. Other areas such as aeronautical engineering, oceanography, and atmospheric science are also instrumental to astrobiological researching.  
Significance of Astrobiology
Some of the impacts of astrobiology are as follows:

  • Explains origin of life: There are several myths about how life originated. So, if you want to know more about how life started, then you need to know more about astrobiology. However, a sneak peek into the subject of how life originated revealed that life on earth originated from microbes. The study of astrobiology disclosed that multicellular and microscopic algae came into existence more than 600 million years ago.
  • Explores the human space: The knowledge of astrobiology reveals eco-friendly space that supports life. Astrobiologists were able to discover the basic things that the environment must have so as to be counted as human space. So, the first thing that the human space need is the right temperature that allows water to be available in liquid form. Another factor is that energy must be present in the form of sunlight or redox chemistry in any human space. Basically, it means that the environmental conditions that support life according to astrobiological discoveries are temperature, sunlight, and water.
  • Identifies habitable planets: Astrobiology is a field that focuses broadly on where living things can live on the earth. Astrobiologists believe that it is not only the earth that is habitable. So, they delve more in the studying of other planets to support their theory. Astrobiologists discovered that the Milky Way has up to five hundred planets that can accommodate life. They explained that any planet that is far away from radiation zone but not extremely cold is habitable. So, according to astrobiology, the habitable zones are known as “just-right distance”.
  • Search for aliens: Several people want to know if there is any form of life beyond earth. So, extensive research is still going by astrobiologists in a bid to discover what happens after a person leaves the earth. Where do such living beings go? Do they evolve into other creatures such as aliens? You can find answers to those questions and more related issues by studying astrobiology.      

After reading the above, we expect you to know some basic things about astrobiology, including its definition and importance. You can also consult books and journals online for more details about astrobiology.
Photo Credit: Corespirit