Activities That Promote Youth Development

y2Youths are important in the structure of a nation. What the United States will be in twenty years depends on the youth. Young persons are stronger than we think. They can change the course of our nation with swift tactics. They can also influence the fundamental norm in the country. That is why all tiers of the society from the lower class to the higher class recognize the importance of youths as the backbone of the community.

Today, we find that our young people involve themselves in a lot of activities. Some are profitable while others are not profitable. The effect of the non-profitable activities is that our country might not have capable leaders in the future. The majority of our young individuals’ exhibit strength which we can build on. They show raw skills which need refinement. Without working on their talents, they will not be able to achieve their potentials to the fullest.

Youth development needs to take place in our society. We should actively encourage events that develop their moral, emotional, social and reasoning abilities. Here are some activities that promote youth development:

Internships and Work Experiences: Internships are fixed duration work placement which takes places during the holidays as part of the fulfillment of a requirement in a university. Work experience, on the other hand, gives an opportunity for the youth to shadow a professional in the industry. It is usually to be cognizant with that field. This activity promotes youth development because it gives an opportunity for young people to know what being a responsible grown up means. It exposes young individuals to a new world full of responsibilities. Another aim of internships and work experience is to give youths a view of what their future will be. It further develops the cognitive aspects of the brain.

Volunteer Work: Volunteering involves young people making an offer to an organization or a company to work for free. It is working without remuneration in the form of cash or kind.  Activities like this aim to give back to the community. It reinforces in youths the essence of teamwork and what working in a team is. Also, it teaches selflessness because they do not expect anything back for their services. It thus teaches a life lesson because there will be times youths will face situations where others will not pay for their services.

Sports and Recreational Events: The society should not just place emphasis on the education of youths. They should put emphasis on their interpersonal and relationships skills. There are lots of teens and youth that are talented in sports activities. If you focus solely on education, you will miss this talent, and it will go to waste. Taking part in sports activities will help youths be conscious of their body and what they put in it. Obesity which has become a battle in the U.S. will drastically reduce if more kids take an active part in this development activity. Recreational events build confidence and social skills. It also guarantees a strong sense of self-worth.

Cultural Events: Activities that border on the culture of the nation promotes youth development. A young individual should be able to say one or two things about the history of the country. Organizing lectures on the culture of the people promotes this point. A drama story which they can act in is an idea of these types of activities. They can research and try out cultural events from other countries as well. It encourages tolerance and acceptance of people from other nations. All in all, activities that promote culture gives a sense of belonging and membership.

Jobs and Trade Fairs: One of the major areas youth development should focus on is the development of the social and cognitive abilities. If you organize a trade fair, you will help your young people meet other people in their field of interest. They can start to build a network of contact before even leaving school. They can effortlessly prepare for the next step in their life by networking at a young age.

Workshops: Workshops do not always have to involve long, boring talks. Some workshops are fun. Some workshops border on emotional, physical, sexual and hygiene health of youths. For instance, you can organize a seminar on public speaking to promote youth development. Young persons that participate will have an opportunity to build their communication skills. They will know how to speak confidently. They will know how to communicate their point to anyone listening to them. This activity will also encourage mentorship of youths.

Meeting with Leaders: Sitting down with existing legislators will boost the skills of those who want to be legislators in the future. The youths will be able to practice skills which they might already have, too. Automatically, kids will know that their leaders are interested in their welfare and that they are approachable.

Summer Camps: Who doesn’t love the great outdoors? Camps are a great way for youths to bond. Lots of fun and enjoyable activities in camp prepares them for the future. An example is the scavenger hunt. Scavenger Hunt is a game where a list of items is made and hidden by the planners. The participants then work together in teams to find and gather the objects. It tests teamwork, patience, determination, and resilience.


Youths nowadays have become so lackadaisical that they do not understand the meaning of having a dream and pursuing it with gusto. That is the reason we have people getting shot right, left and center. That is why a lot of young people are selling drugs and doing illegal businesses. Youth development has been relegated to the background because it seems the society has given up. We forget that their current action, beliefs and value system will define us. Let’s not give up on them, please. Let’s bring back the activities that helped our founding fathers build America. Let’s bring back what will make this country a greater one. There is potential in this country. Let’s find it in our youths and build it. They are our future!

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