Activities Every Youth Should Participate In

y3Have you ever wanted to take part in an activity as a teenager but you weren’t so sure about it? Or you heard an announcement over the radio seeking for volunteers, and you just shrugged it off? It happens to the best of us. An individual’s youthful age is the time when he or she is still mentally robust enough to carry out different tasks without getting tired out quickly. During this period, participating in some activities can help you as a youth build up the various aspects of your life. So what are some of the activities every teen should endeavor to participate?

  • Community development activities: these are more like responsibilities bordering on civic duties. It is of much essence that youths partake fully in any community development. This should be done not because you want to do it, but because the law requires you to carry out these responsibilities. For example, youths could help raise money to plant a garden for their community, or set out a weekend to assist the senior citizens in their neighborhood.
  • Camping and environmental education: Going out for a few days out of your comfort zone for a camping experience is one activity every youth should participate in. It could be a religious one or a social one. Any of them can help you interact better with your peers while educating you more on your environment and furnishing you with some skills in the process.
  • Summer work experience: The vacation remains your best time as a student to get a job and a skill in the process, thus enabling you to learn something new. This is capable of helping you in your career choice as you could find out your interests along the line. Apart from the experience to be garnered, you get to make and save some money for college.
  • Town Hall meetings: Town hall meetings are not just for adults alone, at least that’s the perception most youths have about these meetings. Town hall meetings are for every member of the community and teens should endeavor to attend them. These would enable them to understand the value of making the right decisions and how decisions can affect all facets of their lives. They also get to learn the art of politics better and prepares them to take over in the nearest future.

How Youths Can Work Towards Their Career Choices

You probably might be unsure about the steps to take to attain the highest possible grades or levels in your chosen career field. At a time, you would have to make some certain decisions concerning your career. While this might not be easy to do, you should understand that where on opportunity does not pull through, there is a chance that another might. In that vein, here are some ways you can put in effort and work towards your chosen career fields:

  • Explore any possible interests you might have: While making your career choices, it is necessary that you, first of all, find out things that interests you. Excelling in a career in which you possess a lot of interest in is easy. It could be music, art, or even football. Once you find out your interest in them, work towards making it your career choice and see yourself excelling in them.
  • Choose school subjects carefully: If you are still in high school or planning to join, it is time to choose the courses you would focus more on. These would help you in the successful attainment of your career choice. You may want to focus on subjects like History or Civic education if you want to study Law, or Music Education and Arts studies if you intend making a career out of music.
  • Identify a suitable pathway: To reach their career goals, people might take different steps. While individual A might go the longer way, Individual B might follow the shorter route. You could decide to go through tertiary education to receive the necessary skills and certifications to help you in fulfilling your career choices. On the other hand, there is also a possibility of attending vocational education and training at technical training institutes to reach the same career choice. There are some others as well, which means you, therefore, have to identify the one that best suits you.

How to Promote Youth Development

A positive youth development agenda should see to it that at the end, the teen(s) should reflect the 5cs of the agenda. These are some of the characteristics of youth development, and they include competence, connection, confidence, character, and compassion. Here are a few ways by which positive youth development can be promoted:

  • Support the development of adolescents: The development of skills amongst children should be supported in whatever way possible. The knowledge garnered in the process can help them later in the future whenever the need for it arises.
  • Build relationships: Teach the youths to be more caring by helping them build relationships with other members of the community. Especially among children and senior citizens, the teenagers should be allowed to show their care for other individuals and the community as a whole.
  • Actively engage them: The youths should be made to take an active part in all activities being held in the community. Whether in a clean-up exercise, home to home visitation, sporting activities or a voting exercise, the youths should be enjoined to participate actively.
  • Provide them with opportunities: Youths should be given opportunities to work in different leadership positions and showcase their abilities. In your various communities, one or two teenagers could be asked to head some committees or be members of the executives of a group or club.

Bottom Line

The youths are the future leaders of tomorrow. They need to be prepared to take over the mantle of leadership from the adults. By helping them develop themselves in their career field and all-round as well, we ensure that there would be insightful youths who are capable of handling any positions they find themselves in the future.

Photo Credit: Batis Center for Women