9 Tips to Get You Prepared for College

image-11Now you’re done with high school. Almost immediately, you are offered admission into that prestigious college you’ve always been reading up on Google. It’s time to further your education, time to move forward in life. So the days roll by and your resumption comes closer, you begin to get cold feet. Very soon, you’d become a freshman. You are unsure of how life at college would be. You don’t know what you’d need when you get there. You aren’t sure you would be able to cope. As the saying goes, “Proper preparation prevents poor performance,” you need to be ready for your journey through college life. Here are some tips that could help you get prepared for college:

Put your high school past behind: You are already done with high school and very soon, you’d be a freshman in your chosen college. Probably, your years in college wasn’t as excitable as it should have been. Maybe you didn’t relate well with your mates due to your overtly shy nature? You might have been the best in high school but understand that this is college, an entirely different environment. Here, you get to meet people way sound educationally than you, or those not as much. It’s time to move ahead and face the challenges of college. You can kick start this process by putting behind your high school past.

Identify and choose a career field: By now, you should have chosen a career you would want to delve into. If you have not done this already, you still have a chance to do so. You don’t have to do this alone. Talk to your parents, a guidance counselor or your mentor. They’d be able to help you out. DO not make your choice just because your best friend already choose one career. Make your choice because you know it is the right thing for you and you are passionate about it. Once you have passion for your chosen career field, college becomes easy.

Prepare yourself for changes: You should first of all understand that your life will no longer be as it used to be once you get to college. You might be going across the country to a college, or even to an international college. In college, you would not have your parents to guide you all the way. You’d pretty have to take a lot of decisions by yourself most of the time. You therefore have to get yourself prepared so as to avoid making some avoidable mistakes.

Begin taking on responsibilities: Does your mum handle your laundry? Does she do the dishes while you sit in front of your PlayStation and play away? Now is the time to do away with some of these and begin to take on some responsibilities. You won’t want to arrive at college and become confused on how to carry out a simple laundry or clean up your room. Therefore, endeavor to begin doing some of these at home so that you can get used to them before you get to college.

Time management is important; learn it: If you can’t manage your time, you would surely find it hard to adapt and make it through college. It is therefore necessary that even before you get to college, you learn to start managing your time. Set a time frame to finish some task. If the need arises, use an alarm clock so as to enable you wake up on time. Try to set apart 30 minutes or an hour every day for reading. Once you get used to this, you won’t have problems repeating same in college.

Pack wisely: You might be tempted to take along everything from home that you feel could be necessary. A lot of freshmen arrive at college with massive boxes and luggage only to find out that they brought more than was necessary. Truth is, there are a number of things you might not need at college. Essentially, you need to pack as light as possible. You would certainly need your pillow, some books, clothes, a few writing materials, toiletries, bed linens, medications, first aid kit, your laptop and some other items. T

Make sure you are academically set: Academics in college would be different from what you have experience so far in high school. Yes, you would have classes and be taught. But you don’t want to get there and not have the slightest idea of what you are being taught. Some colleges offer prospective students the chance to download their course curriculum from the school’s website. Take advantage of this. Download and go through it, search up on the internet for any eBooks that might be helpful to you. Once you are academically prepared for college, you won’t have any problems settling into class work.

Get yourself a mentor: While this is not a must and certainly not a criteria for successfully getting through college, it could prove to be quite helpful. Having a mentor who has experience college life before can go a long way to help you get prepared for college life. Your mentor might be any of your parents, your guidance counselor or even an elder sibling of yours. As far as they have more experience than you, they can help you whenever you need their help. Involve them when you have a boggling issue at hand. Having a mentor would help you learn from their mistakes instead of making your own mistakes and learning from them.

Find something that interests you: It won’t be academics all through your four or five years at college. You need to find something else that interests you, such as football, basketball, volleyball, lawn tennis, anything at all. Just find what interests you and create time for it.


College life is always interesting especially if you are prepared for it beforehand. Get close to those that have already been there before you. This would enable your learn from their real life experiences. Check your prospective college website as well so as to always be updated on any new information.

Photo Credit: Odyssey