8 Ways Youth Can Develop Leadership Quality

y1Leadership qualities are a bunch of attributes that can potentially develop over time. There is the saying that some people are born leaders. But the honest truth is that they might just have been developing these qualities unknowingly when they were young.

Some great intellectuals had the opportunity to lead their country when they were old, while a few leaders such as John Kennedy were privileged to rule the US at a very young age. Being a leader requires a lot of efforts from an individual, as it places much responsibility on the person. Also, being a leader requires the willingness to take and accept responsibility. The truth is that not everyone likes to take responsibility, so not everyone is meant for a leadership role. That’s the bitter truth. However, they are stories of great leaders who initially did not want to be a leader. But they had to learn and accept that responsibility overtime. Thus it can happen that the mantle of leadership can fall on the youths, irrespective of their age.

In the modern world, young people are leaders of big cooperation and companies. A good example is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. He happens to be the leader of one of the largest and richest companies in the world. Mark achieved great success in less than two decades. That’s astonishing. You can also achieve such remarkable success. Don’t doubt yourself. Let’s help you achieve this dream. In this article, we will highlight the eight ways which youth like you can develop good leadership qualities. Read on!

Have a Good Mentor: Young people usually have someone they can look up to. And this can be because the person is successful, rich, handsome, or trendy. Young people are bound to copy the lifestyle of successful celebrities, managers, leaders etc. This role model invariably becomes their mentor, knowingly or unknowingly. In this case, it is right for you to have the proper guide if you intend to be a good leader. In a word, you need a good mentor that can instill leadership quality in you. Just find somebody who you admire and tell the person that you would like to be mentored. It’s not that difficult. Don’t just give it a thought. Act now!

Develop Good Reading Habit: One good quality of a leader is the ability to access and pass information. In this modern time, you need to be able to imbibe a good reading culture so that you can always be informed about the latest trends around the world. In fact, the best way to learn is from people’s experience. And you can get that by reading books. Just for an hour, study great leaders like Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Mahatma Gandhi etc. You will notice that all these people read books.

Take Responsibility: Young people should learn to take responsibility for their action. Taking responsibility is a crucial quality of good leaders. You should always be prepared to take responsibility as this will build and make you a better person. Be ready to take chances and to take risks. Don’t worry. Sometimes, you will get things wrong. But don’t be dismayed, this best way to learn is by making mistakes (few mistakes) and by learning from your foibles. Taking full responsibility for your actions and inactions will make you more smart, patient, determined, focused, and compassionate. Parents and guardian should also support and encourage their children when they make such effort. Doing so will build a responsible and accountable quality in them.

Work as a Team: A good leader needs to be a team player. You need this skill because you cannot do everything on your own. In fact, no man is an island. You need people in your team that will complement your weaknesses or do those tasks that you cannot do efficiently. You should endeavor to participate in such sports that require teamwork as basketball, football, hockey, cricket, and rugby, among others. Getting involved in a team sport will help you build your communication and interpersonal skills. The difference between a dictator and a leader is teamwork. While a dictator will get people to carry out orders, a leader will work with the team with the aim of achieving a common goal. The goals of leaders are beneficial to all and sundry, while those of a dictator is to feather their nest. And that is why playing team sport is a good way of preparing your mind for future leadership roles.

Attend Leadership Seminar: They are organized leadership seminar for the youths. Most of these programs provide a platform where young aspiring leaders can meet seasoned leaders who are more knowledgeable about the murky waters of global politics. Attending these programs can help the youths in tremendous ways, including learning from other people’s experience and avoiding such mistakes made by them. Experience, they say, is the best teacher. And learning from leaders’ experience is a great way to start your career as an aspiring leader.

Work Hard: It is a tough position to be a leader. Here is why. People will always look up to you for directions and solutions. And you have to offer them solutions and guidance quickly, lest they will start to lose confidence in you. The leadership position is not for the lazy ones: It is for those who are ready to put their best in all their endeavors. As a leader, you will have to dedicate your time to the people. And you must be compassionate and selfless good reason why young people should be encouraged and rewarded for being selfless.

Focus on One Thing: It is unfortunate that most of the youths are not focused. They want to be a musician, lawyer, movie star, doctor, and programmer at the same time. You can’t be a jack of all trades and expect yourself to be a successful leader. You need to focus on one thing, on how to be a good leader. You need to invest your energy, time, and resources in this. If you can do that, you will become a successful leader very soon.


We understand it is not easy to have all these qualities, but you can learn them. Being a good leader is not a child’s play. You need to start implementing the above tips if you are really serious about becoming a good leader. Yes, it will take years and months to perfect them. But with unflinching diligence, resolution, and persistence, you can achieve this dream.

Photo Credit: Shinliketheson