6 Reasons Why You Should Support Cancer Research

image-3It is a widely known fact that cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Cancer seems to be the number one killer of children in underdeveloped countries and the number two causes of mortality in developed nations. Globally, over 165,000 kids are diagnosed with the deadly disease each year. According to the American Cancer Society, cancer is the second most common cause of death in the United States. In 2012, only about 14.1 million new cancer cases were recorded across the globe. Furthermore, cancer is reported to be responsible for 14.6% of human deaths worldwide. The listed facts and much more can be attributed to the killer nature of malignant diseases!

In simple terms, cancer is a group of diseases characterized by abnormal cell growth. The word “cancer” is assigned to more than 100 different diseases. Among male folks, the common forms of cancer are the lung, prostate and stomach cancer. Meanwhile, breast, colorectal, lung and cervical cancers are the most frequent among females. It is important to know that the majority of cancer diseases are not inherited genetically. Rather, tobacco, diet, obesity, exposure to carcinogens and infections are the most common factors that lead to most cancer deaths.

Cancer diseases can attack any part of the human body. In one of the recent numerous cancer research, scientists from MIT attributed the leading cause of cancer mortality as metastatic tumors. Metastatic or secondary tumors are said to be tumors that grow from cells that have traveled from their original site to another part of the body. As a way of reducing cancer deaths, the researchers suggested the need to find a way of stopping cancer cells from attacking new sites.

This finding and much more studies have encouraged the world to tackle this disease with unflinching determination. However, there are many ways you can contribute to the fight against cancer. One important way is by supporting a cancer research. Whether it is through financial donations, advocacy, or social engagements, below are the important reasons why you should support a cancer research:

Your Financial Support Moves Scientists Closer to Finding a Cure to Cancer: Donating to fund a cancer research enables boosts the morale of researchers to develop a cure for cancerous diseases. For several years, scientists have spent a lot of time, energy and financial resources on getting a cure for the deadly disease. Even though the various governments around the world offer financial support to top research institute towards obtaining a cure to cancer, many other cancer research organizations depend solely on fundraising for people like you and I. Our support, especially financial assistance, is needed to keep these research running. With daily advancement in research technology as well as with our pecuniary assistance, the long-awaited solution to cancer will soon start knocking on our doors.

Your Support Is Crucial to Saving Millions of Lives around the World: Around the world, there is one or two or many cancer patients battling for survival. With your financial and moral support to cancer research, you are indirectly ensuring that millions of lives globally are secured. The public support, which the major cancer research organizations have received, has helped increased the survival rate of people with cancer. As at 2010, the five-year survival rate of all cancer patients was about 68%, a notable improvement from the 49% reported in the mid-70s. Also, the cancer survival rates for children which stood at less than 10% in the 1950s has drastically increased to over 80% in recent years. These significant surges can mainly be attributed to more efficient clinical trials, the development of new and effective therapies, and the advancement in cancer research, aided by public supports.

Your Support Is Important for the Expansion of Clinical Treatments: Thanks to more proactive cancer research, many fundamental breakthroughs have been achieved in clinical treatments of patients. In recent times, elaborate research on cancer has made it possible for many of available cancer treatments to be tailored to efficiently meet each patient needs. A primary example of such development is immunotherapy. Through immunotherapy, medical practitioners can successfully use a patient’s genetics, lifestyle, and other attributes to develop an active treatment for such patient. Immunotherapy also reduces the risks common to chemotherapy and other cancer clinical treatments by working individually with the body’s natural defenses. All in all, the support of the public has been an essential driving tool for such significant discovery.

Your Support Makes the Government Listen: Even though the major cancer research depends on funds from non-governmental organizations and private individuals, the government is still a very crucial source of the fighting against cancer. Either by joining a local fundraising event or by advocating for an inclusive and low-cost health care service for all, you are indirectly persuading the government to increase their investment in critical medical research. Government investment is very necessary for creating a viable environment for cancer research. Through financial aid, the government ensures that world-class researchers have an easy access to funds as well as appropriate tools, labs, and clinics. Through your support for cancer research, you are also convincing the government to assist drug manufacturers in their pursuit of discovering important cancer medications.

As a Way of Boosting the Economy: Think of the effects of a cancer-free population on the society. You would agree that a healthy population is directly proportional to a vibrant economy. Your funds and other forms of supports to cancer research can fasten the actualization of such dream. Cancer research is not only aimed at developing new treatments and drugs but also at impacting positively on the development of knowledge and skilled workforce. Such development can increase industry investments, thus boosting the economy. Also, through educational and outreach programs of cancer research institutes, many people have engaged actively in the economy. With your charitable donations and taxes, you are assisting cancer research organizations to prevent the mortality of millions of cancer patients.

You Are Helping Yourself: By getting connected to cancer research, you are availing yourself the opportunity of getting access to new discoveries about cancer. As an active stakeholder in the cancer research, you can have first-hand information on how to prevent yourself from developing cancer. For instance, cancer research has led to the discovery of a vaccine that is associated with the prevention of cervical cancer. Additionally, cancer research also focuses on unraveling the causes of cancer, its symptoms, and its cure. As a contributing member, you will get to understand how some factors such as diet, physical activities, and other lifestyle choices could influence your risk of getting the disease. Fortunately, through gene hunting, researchers have made reasonable headway in detecting the genetic faults that predispose a person to the risk of cancer, such as those in the BCRA genes. With such findings, you will be able to understand small genetic variations that make you susceptible to cancer.


As a result of the support gotten from the public and various governments, the numbers of research on cancer have surged. Even though these aids may be very advantageous to the hunt for a cure for cancer, they have had severe impacts on well-intended cancer research. The cut-throat competition has reduced the creativity, cooperation, risk-taking and originality that are peculiar to significant medical research. There has also been a sharp increment in the number of studies with unpractical and irreplaceable claims. However, our support is still very necessary to spur original research on cancer to the limelight. In a word, we all need to support people suffering from cancer.

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