6 Chronic Illnesses and Diseases You Should Know

dis-8A lot of people are living with one type of health condition or the other. The health challenge can be mild or severe. The minor ones are mostly non-lethal, and they are not likely to do much harm to the body system. They usually pose just a little discomfort, though. By taking the right medication, the mild disease will disappear within a few days. However, the non-threatening illness can develop into a life-threatening ailment if urgent medical treatments are not taken. Some diseases, on the other hand, are more severe. Experts call them chronic ailments. They usually cause severe discomfort, lasting for more than three to four months in the body.

In some cases, the initial presentation of a chronic illness can cause sudden death. In other cases, the illness can be in the body of the person for a very long time without leading to loss of life. In such situation, proper management of the condition is what keeps the body of the carrier healthier than was envisaged. It will amaze you to know that there are hundreds of chronic illnesses in the world today. In the United States, millions of people have one chronic disease or the other. When you see some individuals, they look physically well, but they have an underlying health challenge that you do not know. They look healthy because they have proper management of the disease.

It is good for everyone to know some of the chronic illnesses around, especially the most common ones. The understanding of the signs and symptoms will help you to know when to get a timely check-up. The knowledge of the causes will let you know the unhealthy habits you should let go. Also, you will know the preventive measure to take against them. Below are some chronic diseases you should be aware:

Diabetes: A condition in which the body does not produce insulin is known as diabetes. Some types of diabetes are presented as the inability of the body the make use of the insulin produced. The problem is not about the body’s failure to produce insulin. The problem is the fact that when there is no insulin, the glucose produced by starchy foods remains in the body. The glucose, without insulin, cannot be converted into energy. Accumulation of glucose in the blood will give rise to several health problems. Contrary to widespread belief, an excess of sugar in the body is not the cause of diabetes; the basis is the lack of insulin needed to convert the glucose (a simple form of sugar) to energy. Diabetes can lead to cardiovascular diseases. This illness is also the underlying cause of blindness and some amputation. Also, diabetes could be financially draining. Some organizations in the US focus on managing people with diabetes. Registering with one of these agencies can help relieve some financial stress. There is presently no cure for diabetes, but if well managed, the affected individual can leave a real life.

Asthma: This disease is most common in children, but it is also present in adults. It is a chronic disease of the lungs. The triggers of asthma attacks are factors such as specks of dust, cold, pollens and much more. Asthma is also not curable. Once diagnosed, it becomes a lifelong ailment. Individuals with this disease should find out what triggers the asthma attacks in them. The initiates can be more than one is some people. Observe yourself very well, know the causal conditions and stay away from them as much as possible. Be sure to let your friends and families know about your situation. In any environment which you find yourself, let them understand why you cannot tolerate some things around you. Also, educate them about the emergency care they should give you should in case an episode starts.

Arthritis: The term arthritis applies to most of the diseases affecting the joints and the tissues surrounding them. It also affects muscles connecting joints such as Tendons and Ligaments. Some types of arthritis are Rheumatic Fever, Gout, Osteoarthritis, Lyme arthritis, Carpal tunnel syndrome and, Rheumatoid arthritis. Motion pain is the most common indication of Arthritis. The presence of arthritis at a particular joint in the body can impair movement of such body part. Women are more prone to arthritis. Also, obesity and old age can fast track the appearance of arthritis. For some people, injuries to the joints can develop into a disease of the joints. Arthritis also has no cure, and the patient needs to develop coping strategies.

Cardiovascular Disease: These are ailments which cause malfunctioning of the heart and the circulatory system. Heart disease can occur as a cerebrovascular disease, known as stroke by a layman. It can also occur as coronary heart disease and heart failure. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of sudden deaths in the United States. People can reduce their chances of succumbing to cardiovascular diseases by living a very healthy life. Everyone, especially adults should monitor their blood pressure and cholesterol. Doing these would reduce the risk factors in an individual.

Alzheimer’s Disease: Like some diseases, Alzheimer’s starts slowly. It is a disorder that affects the brain. It causes the memory function of the brain. The affected person will initially exhibit little loss of information retention. Over time, the memory loss gets worse. In fact, the individual might not be able to carry on with a conversation because they have forgotten the subject of discussion.

Cystic Fibrosis: This disease is hereditary. It is a condition in which the body of an individual secretes sticky and very thick mucus. The mucus blocks the lungs and some digestive organs. The blockage of the lungs usually results in a lung infection. If cystic fibrosis is detected early, the infected person could live for a long time.


We cannot discuss all existing chronic diseases here. However, you should know that they all have one thing in common. The shared fact is that anyone living with a chronic illness should schedule a workable plan to manage the disease. With proper care, life expectancy will be higher.

Photo Credit: Shastacounty