5 Ways You Can Secure International Scholarships

e-2Most people rely on some financial support to enable them to pay for their international education. For some people, scholarships could mean the disparity between studying and not studying at all. And for others, it only helps provide a bit extra to enjoy life as a student overseas. Whatever your reason for applying for scholarships, they are amazingly competitive. In spite of the competition, scholarships for overseas study are generally available from different sources. The secret lies in knowing not only when, where, and how to apply for scholarships. Although some schools may not completely cover the cost of your study abroad, they will help reduce your expenses. The goal is to make your study more affordable. Below are some proven ways you can secure international scholarships.

Study Hard. The better your grades and academic standing are, the better your chances of getting an international scholarship. If you can maintain a high grade-point average (GPA), then you can easily get international scholarships. Maintaining good grades in school will help demonstrate your excellence. A lot of scholarships peg their cut off point somewhere in the region of 3.3/4 and 3.5/4 GPA. This means that you possibly need to make at least 3.9/4 to actually stand out. With this in mind, you should concentrate on keeping your grades as high as possible. Securing a good grade automatically qualifies you for scholarship on academic merit. The boards need to prove that you are an achiever, and there is no better place to prove so than in your grades. So, on this note, you should study and study very hard to improve your chances of being selected. This information is especially important for beginners. Devote some quality time to your studies if you want to stand a chance of getting an international scholarship in the future.

Get Involved. Another way you can secure international scholarships is by joining a sports team. Do your utmost to get a role in a school basketball or football team. You can also join a choir group. The objective here is to showcase your skills. So, anything that will help you to excel will be helpful. Consequent upon this, you should look to exhibit your creativity, teamwork, communication, and time management skills. Getting involved in many extracurricular activities will help you stand out. Scholarship boards look out particularly for well-rounded students. Having a dynamic presence and personality will help further your cause in their eyes. Because it demonstrates that you are serious and dedicated. Additionally, being a member of formal organizations will help demonstrate your commitment levels at the same time offering you networking privileges. Joining a club early in your high school, for instance, could help you become a president or an official by the end of your time there. This will place you in an influential position where you can be easily noticed and considered for an international scholarship.

Be a leader. In line with the above, you can create a school club or organize a volunteer session with friends. This will help showcase your initiative. There is no better way to prove that you possess the needed charisma to be a leader of tomorrow than by successfully starting a club. Pulling this off successfully will boost your chances of getting a scholarship. Assembling a team and bringing an idea to life demonstrates your ability to lead effectively. Leadership skills are highly sought after by scholarship boards. This is because it shows your ability to successfully deal with people in ways that include motivation, enthusiasm and building respect. Having shown these skills, the boards become more than happy to help you understand, develop and sharpen your leadership potential. They believe instantly that you are credible. And because people want to follow you, they will seek to help broaden your horizon. Although leadership cannot be taught exactly, the scholarship boards tend to believe that you can learn about effective leadership skills as well as practices by meeting visionary people from diverse backgrounds.

Be Knowledgeable. If you demonstrate some level of sagacity in a specific field of study, it could earn you an international scholarship. For instance, if you can complete a project in mathematics, literature, science, philosophy, technology, etc., you could qualify for international industry-scholarships, which are issued by organizations for excellence in a dedicated field of study. Such an organization will fund your study in the related field based on how much they rate your academic prowess in such a field. The Davidson scholarship scheme for one, awards a Davidson Fellow $10,000, while a Davidson Fellow Laureate gets $50,000 for use at any choice institution. All that is required is to establish your academic excellence in a particular field. Similarly, those who demonstrate excellent capabilities in science and technology can enter the yearly competition sponsored by Siemens Corporation to compete for up to $100,000. This scholarship scheme is aimed at discovering and sponsoring students with an exceptional mind for research as well as an interest in science.

Write a Compelling Personal Statement.

The trick is to begin crafting your personal statement as early as you can. Doing this will give you the freedom to perfect your statement in good time before scholarships applications are due. This way, you will be able to itemize the specifics required for international scholarships. You should tailor your personal statement such that it articulates your goals, interests, and personality. Remember, it offers you a chance to prove your competency. Tweak your statement to highlight your commitments to service and a willingness to serve. The boards like to know how personally connected you are to achievements and events. You should avoid listing things that can be found on your resume without difficulty. Revise the statement each time you submit it and make it explicit to the institution to which you’re applying.

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