5 Ways You Can Achieve a Good Academic Performance in School

e-4Students are expected to have good grades in school. It makes their schooling experience smoother and faster. Though an excellent school performance is not the determinant of your worth or value, it is a measure of success in the academic world. Therefore, it is very vital, and you should pursue it. Having good grades can give you access to many opportunities in life. And it shows people that you are the type knows how to manage your time effectively. Your academic performance can speak on your behalf now and in the future, so take note of that.

Some people are naturally able to do well in school, while others have to work harder to achieve the same feat. Whichever category you belong to, this article aims to teach you how to be a better student. The following are five strategies you should adopt as a student, and you will surely see amazing results in your academic performance whether you have been doing well or not:

  1. Discover the Learning Style That Suits You: There are primarily three learning style of learning styles. They are as follows:
  • Visual Learning Style: This learning technique involves using pictures, demonstrations, notes, diagrams, videos, charts, or graphs. People who are visual learners learn faster when they use the above tools to learn about something. They internalize information better when it is presented in a way that adequately stimulates their visual senses.
  • Auditory Learning Style: This is a method of learning through listening and hearing. Listening to someone explain a concept works better than reading for auditory learners. If you belong to this category, class presentations, lectures and group discussions are for you.
  • Kinesthetic Learning Style: Kinetic learners learn by doing (certain activities) rather than by listening or reading. Kinetic learners learn better when they use their hands and bodies to manipulate learning materials. They can quickly absorb any information through being actively involved in the process of doing something rather than watching someone do it for them. Which of these learning styles best describes how you would like to learn? You may even identify with more than one. As much as you can, try to use your most suitable learning style more often. Doing this will help you easily learn what you are taught in school. In fact, such method will guarantee you good grades.
  1. Manage Your Time Wisely: Time management involves controlling the amount of time spent on each task and optimizing your time. Time is very precious if you want to succeed academically. So, you must plan each day’s activities and programs. You must also decide how and when you should do them. Get a to-do list for the purpose of keeping everything organized. It is also good to create and study plan and stick to it. This helps you study more efficiently. Beware of time wasters, too. And ensure you do the right thing at the right time by prioritizing your activities so that you will do the most important things first. Read, do assignments, complete term papers and rest at the right time. Most importantly, avoid procrastination, lest you won’t get anything done on time.
  1. Take Classes Seriously: Teachers and lecturers put a lot of effort into preparing for lectures. This is because Test and Exam questions usually come from what you learned in class. It is nice to be in class for the presentations and take notes. You are more likely to recollect more about a topic if you take personal notes. Your brain cannot remember everything that was said in class, but reading your notes can help you remember and prepare well for exams and tests. If you miss class, make sure you take a look at other people’s notes so that you can catch up. Try as much as possible to sit in the front or middle of the class because statistics shows that where you usually sit is a function of your exam or test results. The closer you are to the front, the higher your chances of achieving higher scores when tested. It is possible because sitting in front allows you to have a better view of the board. It also helps you to hear what the instructor is saying. And you will be less distracted if you sit in front.
  1. Know How to Answer Test and Exam Questions: To get good grades, you have to study hard and prepare sufficiently. Take your time while studying to grasp even the most complicated theories and concepts. Know something about every topic. And if you can identify the most relevant topics, devote more time to studying them because they are more likely to produce the most questions. Review past questions because it is highly possible that you will come across them in your test or exam. You should also create study questions. The earlier you do this, the better you will be well-prepared. This will also help you to prevent inadequate studying. Read instructions thoroughly before you start answering the questions in a test or exam. When answering essay questions, start with those that are easier for you to answer and do not waste time by dwelling on one issue at the expense of another.
  1. Go the Extra Mile: You must be prepared to do extra work to impress your teachers and get high scores. Going the extra mile involves reading textbooks, carrying out further research beyond the classroom, doing personal assignments, etc. Professors and teachers can spot serious students who go the extra mile, and they try to reward such students. Study the recommended study materials and gather more information online if you can. Your efforts will help you succeed. So, do not succumb to the general belief that some courses are too difficult. Challenge yourself and get help from peers and superiors who can help you better understand subjects you find difficult.


Now, you know what to do to perform better in school. Put what you have learned into practice. And you will begin to see amazing results. Believe in yourself, read your books, follow your teachers’ instructions, and be a good student. If you can do this, you will come out in flying colors. We wish you the best.

Photo Credit: Gocollege