5 NGOs That Empower the Youths

y8Non-governmental organizations are bodies that operate without the help of the government. The international and state governments do not direct their affairs. NGOs can work globally, nationally, regionally or locally. A major feature which makes NGOs unique is that they are non-profit organizations. They are created to help people in need of assistance. In this regard, they render assistance for free.

To ensure the smooth running of their operations, they rely on contributions from enthusiastic individuals. Some NGOs do not request for donations. Rather, they rely on offers for any support they desire. There are over one million non-governmental organizations in the United States of America. The orientation of a particular NGO depends on its area of focus. The activities they involve themselves in vary across social sectors. It can be health, human rights, environmental impact or development of the community. Depending on their area of focus, an NGO can be solely involved in participation in projects, charity, empowering and acts of services. NGOs that participate in projects are those majorly concerned with how to develop the community.  They encourage people to take charge of their community needs. They help them in planning need-based projects up to the execution stage.  Charity based NGOs assist in meeting basic needs of the poor in the community.

NGOs that focus on the youths aid them in realizing the greater inner power they possess. They discourage liability and encourage using their skills to make the society a better place. These NGOs also counsel troubled youths.  There are several non-governmental organization that helps in empowering young people.  Here they are:

AISEC: The full meaning of AISEC is no longer used. The group has evolved over the years with the acronym replacing the full name. They are the largest non-governmental organization for youth. AISEC members are about 70,000, and the team is present in 126 countries.  This NGO is non-profit based. They help young people in developing their leadership skills. In colleges and universities, they have Campus Initiative that fixes up youths with different teams. Members of a team have the chance to live and work in a foreign country each year. The one-year overseas work experience benefits the opportune youths to build their corporate skills in a chosen field. The young adults collaborate with this team and the experience gained develops their leadership ability. They organize internships and also exchange volunteers across different countries. The versatility of AISEC is what makes them the most popular non-governmental organization young people choose.

Global Youth Action Network (GYAN): GYAN was registered in 2001 and has branches in over 180 countries. Their headquarters is in New York, and they are a youth-focused Non-Governmental Organization. GYAN has a program known as Youth Service Day. It is a yearly gathering of young volunteers. The number of people that attend is sometimes over a million! They initiate social transformation by connecting different youth groups to each other. They also connect individuals to means of living, materials to work with and opportunities. GYAN is a youth-friendly organization, and you can be a member if you are a peace-loving youth. They have zero tolerance for those who encourage hostility and hatred.

GYAN members believe youths are the solution to the grave concerns we are currently facing. They believe young people will are the change the world needs to turn around.  Ultimately, youths as “agents of change” is their vision. They encourage youths to arise and design their future. By bringing several young persons to work together, they envision a fair, impartial and peaceful world. GYAN organizes several programs such as Global Youth Service Day, Youth Movement for Democracy, Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Local Jam, Chat the Planet TV, Global Youths Action Awards and Millennium Development Goals Youth Campaign.

Organization for Youth Empowerment (OYE): This is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 2005 by And Luis Ahern and Justin Eldridge-Otero. The headquarters is in Washington D. C and El Progress, Honduras. OYE has an academic scholarship program aimed at developing an at-risk youth in Honduras. This program has the potential to birth young leaders who will see themselves as instruments of optimistic change. In Honduras, youths from poor background join OYE with the willpower to live a better life and make an impact in the community. The scholarship is meant to make students aware of the possibility of creating their desired professional and personal life through quality education. OYE projects help participants to take charge of their individual growth. Excellence in academic and leadership positions is also a part of the goal.

Youth Service America (YSA): This NGO is in partnership with several organizations. They have a collective goal of expanding volunteer opportunities of people between ages 5-25. They are involved in several programs. They have a communication-based program with the aim of sensitizing persons about their assets and values. Another area of focus is technology. The YSA promotes the voice of the young individuals and service by them through sharing resource. They sometimes give grants of over $1 million to members.

Youth on Board (YOB): Founded in 1992 by Karen Young. YOB gained popularity for their impact on Project 540. Project 540 was designed for 100,000 students in over 100 high schools to strengthen the relationship between youths. YOB also work hard at publishing notable materials for youth empowerment.



The list above is not exhaustive. There are more several non-governmental organizations for young people. If you seek to be part of any of these important organizations, the first thing to do is carry out your research. Who knows, one of these NGOs might be eager to register you as a member. The outcome of being a member of an NGO is learning and developing yourself to be an active part of your society.  It benefits you more than any other person. When you belong to an NGO, you will not walk the road to success alone. There will be a lot of like-minded individuals around you to keep you focused.

Photo Credit: Ymcaosimcoemuskoka