Facts About Zoos You Want to Know

News broke out some days ago about the theft of some zoo animals. The news got us wondering why some people would steal those peaceful animals.  Then, we started recollecting our past zoo visits experiences. Some said they go to the zoo every other week just to stay connected to the animals. Some people said the first time they visited the zoo was as a child. They recalled how scary it was for them. All the discussion about zoos made us research some facts about zoos generally, and here they are:

  • It has been estimated by WAZA that over 600 million people visit zoos each year. This is almost certainly an understatement
  • It is estimated (by us) that there are more than 2,800 zoos & aquariums in the world.
  • Germany has 414 registered zoos and the highest number of zoos in any single country.
  • The USA has at least 355 zoos.
  • Over 105,656,000 visitors went to the 202 (out of the total of 355 zoos) responding institutions in the USA in 2002.
  • 29 zoos and aquariums in the USA have more than 1,000,000 visitors a year.
  • Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has the most visitors – about 4,500,000 visitors.
  • Average adult entrance price (247 zoos) is $ 9.01 in the USA.
  • Most expensive adult entrance fee is $ 58.00 into Safari West in Santa Rosa, California.
  • Average child entrance price (247 zoos) is $ 5.53 in the USA.
  • Most expensive child (age 3 to 9) entrance fee is $ 29.99 (plus tax) into SeaWorld San Diego, California.
  • The oldest running zoo in the world is Vienna Zoo in Schonbrunn which dates from 1752.
  • Philadelphia Zoo was opened on July 1st, 1874 and is said to be the oldest zoo in the USA.
  • Berlin Zoo, Germany, with over 1.500 species has the largest number of species in any zoo in the world.
  • The Monterey Bay Aquarium has about 124.000 individual animals and the largest number of animals in any zoo in the world.
  • The largest zoo in the US is Red McCombs Wildlife with over 5.000 hectares (12.500 acres).

Reason You Should Visit A Zoo

Some people do not see a reason why they should visit a zoo. You may not understand why you should leave the comfort of your house and see some animals. Well, we are about to change your perception of zoo visits. Below are some reasons why you should get to the zoo soon:

  • You will be able to identify animals you have read about: We have met several people who love to read about animals. They know different types of animals’ off-hand, but they cannot identify a whole lot of them. Visits to the zoo will give you the opportunity to see what these animals like in real life.
  • You will learn about rearing animals: At some zoos, an attendant follows you from one animal to the other animals. This orientation is good because you have a higher chance of being told how some of these animals are reared.
  • You will have the opportunity to interact with the animals: Yes, animals do interact with humans. Same as humans, every of their action is a form of communication. A visit to the zoos will teach you a lot about animal communication. Even though the animals will not be let out of their cages, you will still get to interact, and socialize with them.
  • The visit will make you more passionate about animals: If you are not exposed to animals, you may not develop real feelings for them. A visit to a zoo will kick start a tender feeling for the animals you get to see. If you stay long enough at the zoo, you will see when the animals are excited, angry, hungry, and a lot more. This show of affection will endear you to them.
  • It will be fun: Have you considered how much fun the zoo can turn out to be? You will have a fantastic day out either alone, or with family and friends. At the zoo, there will always be several other visitors to interact with. If you go on a day when they have an animal show, the merrier it will be for you because you will get to see the animals display most of the things they are capable of doing.
  • The memory will linger: Memories of our visits to the zoo brought about this post. Some of us can’t remember the exact date we visited the zoo, but we vividly recall all that we experienced and learnt at each of the visits. Get to the zoo today, and watch the memory linger for a lifetime.

Some Animals That Will Make Your Visits to the Zoos Memorable

Animals are a wonderful creature, but some of them are just beautiful, friendly and exciting to watch. Your visits to the zoo will be etched in your memory when you see animals like:

  • Lion: Do you know who the king of all animals is? It is the Lion. Lions are wild. They are very brave and courageous. The strength of a lion is non-quantifiable. Lions are the most powerful animals in the world. They are very well secured at the zoos. You need to see them. They do not look terrible or scary; some of them are gorgeous with lots and fur. If you are a male, you may just want to take a look at the Lions first when at the zoo, it makes you feel powerful and manly.
  • Giraffe: Their trademarks are their very long necks. Giraffe is an African-mammal, with even toes. They are the tallest animals living on land. Giraffes are known for their gentle and kind nature. You can play with them and feed them.
  • Penguin: This creature is cute and fascinating. There are some physical characteristics it has that just makes it beautiful to behold. Some people have decided that Penguins are the most beautiful animals in the world.
  • Tiger: They are almost as wild as lions. Tigers In science, they are the greatest animals known. No one has been able to capture their full power. Tiger species are near extinction, and the zoos are encouraged to breed them. Get to the zoo, and visit the Tiger stall.
  • Gorilla: Several people love Gorillas because they behave like humans. You need to see them when they are ready to run. Also, don’t miss the time they are eating, and you should watch them throw poop. They are really amusing creatures.

Bottom Line

Zoos are places to watch nature at its best. The animals are always ready for a show. They also love to have you around. The animals are part of our world, and it is really great when you get to know them better. A visit to the zoo will make you more knowledgeable about animals. Plan a zoo visit soon!

Photo Credit: Learn English