10 Popular Universities Where You Can Grab a Degree in Human Services

 s4With all the courses you can major in, don’t you just wonder what exactly human services entails? The course might not be as popular as medicine, psychology, and so on but many people study it. When you graduate, you will have a lot of job opportunities open to you. You don’t need to restrict yourself to just one field.

Now, what is human services? According to Wikipedia, human services is “an interdisciplinary discipline with the objective of meeting human needs through an applied knowledge base, focusing on prevention as well as remediation of problems, and maintaining a commitment to improving the overall quality of life of service populations.” The aim of human services is to make sure that there is a practice that comprises working at all levels of society. Hence, those who study it help others in the community to become more independent and bring about positive change within the society. Hence, many courses comprise can fall under the category of humans services.

Some of the universities you see on this list also offer the opportunity to individuals to grab a degree online. For those that want to have a degree but don’t have time to be physically present in the school, this is good news. These universities have the best resources in the US to teach anybody that wants a degree in human services. We know you are anxious to know the schools so here they are from number 10 to number 1:

10. Colorado State University-Global Campus: If you are looking for flexibility in learning, this university is the best to enroll in. The University is designed for working professionals to grab a degree while still focusing on their work. They offer their program online as well so you don’t have to be in school all the time. Another great thing about the university is that once you are enrolled, tuition will not increase. You simply learn at your pace and with ease. No struggle, no hassle.

9. Strayer University: When a university has campuses in Washington D.C., Arkansas, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Mississippi, and so on, then you know they must have a good standard of education. Strayer University’s main campus has over 40,000 students alone, talk less of the other campuses. You can enroll for a degree in Public Administration which is closely related to human services. The coursework includes leadership and conflict-resolution, managerial economics, and many others.

8. Azusa Pacific University College: In this university located near Los Angeles, you can grab a bachelor’s degree in human services. They offer affordable tuition fee which is quite competitive. The school cares a lot about its students so it provides learning support and personal support. You can discuss learning challenges or education problems with the person that will be assigned to you. They also have a flexible, online training environment where busy people who still want a degree can learn. If you don’t believe us, ask the thousands of people that have graduated from there and let their testimonies wow you.

7. Northcentral University: The University has a one on one teaching model. Northcentral University provides a highly qualified mentor for each student so you will readily receive help on any topic when you need it. One important thing that makes this university stand out is its accreditation. Northcentral University is accredited regionally by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of colleges and schools. For those that want to take their classes and write their exams online, you will have access to a virtual bookstore, writing and dissertation center, and so on. It is easy to see why this university is one of the popular ones that offer a degree in human services.

6. Grand Canyon University: If you would like to study in a good university but you need financial assistance, Grand Canyon University will provide that. You will have to make an application which will be reviewed. The school is a private university and offers both online and campus-based college education. The main campus is in Phoenix, Arizona but they also have various satellite locations in the country that offer evening classes.

5. Capella University: Capella is an accredited university that offers many online courses. You can also apply and receive a scholarship grant of up to $5000. There is a flexible online support at your beck and call when you need it. Some famous people who graduated from the school are Tammy Duckworth, Curtis J. Crawford, Brandt Smith, and so on.

4. Indiana Wesleyan University: This school offers masters in social work, bachelor’s degree in general studies and an undergraduate certificate in human services. In Indiana Wesleyan University, the classes are limited in size. Hence, the lecturer can focus more on you and help you with your work better. You will not feel intimidated by a large number of people in the class.

3. John Hopkins University: Who doesn’t know this great university? If you have not heard about the school, you must have heard that name. In this university, you can only grab a master’s degree in a course related to human services. One of the requirements for eligibility is that you must have a bachelor’s degree already. Students that enroll in this university will be taught by highly qualified professionals and practitioners.

2. Southern New Hampshire University: When students study at New Hampshire University, they are not only taught essential skills that will make pursuing a career easy. They are also taught practical way on giving back to their community. You can grab a bachelor’s degree in human services.

1. Kaplan University: Are you wondering what makes this university the most popular in human services? Well, for starters, you can apply for a scholarship. Students who transfer from another school to Kaplan can apply for the “Every Credits Counts Scholarship” which allows $500 discount per term. In essence, you can save up $4,000 on your bachelor’s degree when you want to study. You can also apply for the President’s Grant. Service members, including their families and veterans, may qualify for a special award which will reduce tuition fee. They recently started their online based program as well.

Bottom Line

We have helped you with this list of famous universities. If you are considering grabbing a degree, click on the link to find out more. There might be more benefits they offer that will interest you. Click on that link and register today!

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